Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ilfracombe, Devon

With all the riots and looting going on in London, it's a good time to go off for a relaxing weekend getaway.
Wanted to go to Cornwall at first but then due to some minor issues we changed the plan and decided to go to Ilfracombe.
At first, I thought it will be a boring holiday cause i don't do relaxing and sight seeing holidays that much. I always go for adventurous and exciting ones.. :P But it turned out to be really good. Maybe I needed that break, that getaway from all the stress and polluted environment.
Although the weather ain't as good as we expected, but nothing stop us. We still managed to have fun ! Food are really good there, price are sooooo reasonable. Double booze only cost 2 pounds !!!! In London it will probably cost 8 pounds?? lol
I'll leave the rest of the descriptions to the pictures. Don't want to nag too much here..  :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I have a dream

I have a dream. A dream that I never want to tell anyone cause I used to think everyone is going to laugh at me.
But come to think of it now, it's not funny after all. It's my dream. :)
For those who knew me in person, you might never expect this.
But here it is, I'm spitting it out :P
My dream is to surf.. I want to go to South Africa for the summer just to learn how to surf. I've never had a chance to actually learn how to surf when I was younger. Wave back home ain't big enough for surfing. I'm turning 22 soon. I know it might be a bit late to learn how to surf, but nothing is too late if you really want it.
I love the sun and the ocean. Just came back from Napa a month ago and I've already want to go back again. Actually don't mind working there for the summer. But well I have to come back to the reality after all. Got a job in an interior design company as an intern and doing a project for an ocean villa in Jamaica. Actually made me want to go back even more.
You might be wondering, why South Africa? Well, I always wanted to go there. I want to get to know that place, get to explore it. I knew there are lots of nice beaches and bays over there. Love the culture too! I know when it comes to surfing everyone will think of Australia, California etc.. But I just want to go South Africa.
I'm not those kind of person that is willing to sit in the office from 9-5. I'm a free spirit. I might sound too young to actually say this. Who knows what will happen in 5 years time. I might be a mum of 3 kids. But that is not I really want :S I wish I'm far far away from where I am now, perhaps travel to many places that I can't finish telling all the stories in one night?
I live my life once, I really want to make full use of it before it ends.
I know people always say, work hard and earn more money and you get to do what you want after. What if I worked really hard and only get slightly wealthy when i was in my 40? can I still learn how to surf? I doubt so.
I know it's too early to actually say anything. But it's a dream, and I never give up !
Hopefully I'll be able to learn how to surf end of this year. South Africa here I come :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey peeps I'm back

Again been MIA for ages. Sorry about that. Been really really busy with uni and teaching stuff.
Well it's my final semester so I really have to be committed. But well, still not committed enough :P

What more else can I say, I'm in London !! And I love it here :P

Used to stick with my laptop all night in FB, Twitter and blogs. But now, I barely touch them, awww I felt soooo old. But I will try to catch up. Missed out lots of stuff back home. :(

Anyway, just a quick update :)

with love,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hohoho~ Christmas is around the corner

Hoho poeples~
I know my blog is almost dead, pardon me with the lack mojo and the stress I have for my uni work. I will try to update my blog more often. I WILL TRYYY !

Been busy with the uni work, like seriously busy as christmas is around the corner and the 2 competition are due after xmas. I do not want to spend my xmas holidays with my uni work T_T Have to get them done beforehand !! ISH~ The annoying dissertation is also due after xmas too.. god bless !

What I've been up to? Finding houses, lol~ We thought we could find a house and have our own frosty and roast turkey, but apparently it's not gonna happen. Most of the houses were taken :( We called like 20 agents and ALL OF THEM WERE GONE.. FML ! I just hope we get a house before xmas so I can decorate the xmas tree, hang my socks at the fire place (if they have one), make my own Frosty the snowman and of course SNOW BALL FIGHT !! hohoho~ *dream on me*

Obviously, london has changed me. I'm one size bigger from what I used to be. And errrr, I have dark hair now (gone my lovely haircolor) and with no fringe. Unbelievable? It's true. I cannot believe them myself :P But screw it, couldn't be bothered.

My best entertainment now is hang out in the kitchen.. LOL. Playing UNO, Monopoly and enjoying our home made drinks. :D I really had fun although it sounds lame. That's the only thing we can do when all of us are bored staying in this so-called-jail-room !

Class was canceled today due to harsh weather. Good in a way, I have a day off :P But insted of spending this day doing uni work, I went to Westfield with my babe Elena and finally got myself a pair of boots. hoho :P I'm starting to feel xmas with all the lights and deco, last but not least the SONGS !

I hope everybody is not going anywhere during xmas or else I'll be effing boring here... !! Someone please come up with some plans !~ I'm serious :)

Oh ya, I've stopped the latin class. :( sad case I know. But I really do not have the extra time and travel all the way there just to have 2 hours class. I love it and I really want to . But it's really time consuming travel all the way there. Hope I'll find some place nearer, any suggestion? :)

Okay that's it for now. Just an update of what happened to me recently. And make sure my blog is not dead. :) Cheers~ got to go to the kitchen with my mates. xx toodles.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Monopoly night

I was supposed to do my dissertation tonight. But I ended up playing Monopoly with the roomies..  =.=

Well, even though I didn't do anything, we had fun chatting and CRAPPING. Finally, we are getting along and this flat look more ALIVE.. thank god ~

I had fun tonight, hope you guys feel the same too.

Gonna sleep now, just feel like posting ;D Toodles~ xx

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quick and Easy Salad

I've been sick thinking of what to cook every single day. What should I cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner.. Grrrrr It just pisses me off every time when I think of cooking. How great is that when all my meals are done when I'm back, I don't even need to go through the grocery shopping, preparing, cooking and washing. :( I miss Maria

So I tried to make some salad I ate once in a restaurant here. It's easy and healthy ! :)
Finally I'm starting to eat fresh food. haha :D

Ingredients : - Baby Spinach
                   - Mozarella Cheese
                   - Cherry Tomatoes
                   - Honey and Mustard sauce

EASY, mix everything together and taaaaaadaaaaa DONE ! *lame*
It tastes soooo good. Well, with the cheese of course, add chicken breast or mushroom if you want :D

Healthy + easy
Had stuffed tomato for lunch. My roomate - Elena gave me one to try out. It's some sort of Greek food I guess, taste sooooo good anyway.. thanks ~

btw, I'm going to keep my fringe long and make it center parted. muahahahahahahahaha XD

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hang in there

Yay~! I'm finally a smart phone user. Just got my Iphone 4 today and frankly, I don't really know how to use it.. :P As you know, I'm not a gadget person, and I don't really fancy them. The reason why I need this Smart phone is because we need to access to internet all the time during class and uhm, I can't be running down to the library just to surf something every single time. Well, call it an excuse if you want. :x

Things have been really really hard for me this week. Grrrrr or should I say since I came to London. Everything I do just doesn't work the way I want. Things have been really really hard for me. But I'm still here, hanging there. Trying my very best to struggle to the top and make sure I don't fall. Be tough~

It's getting colder and colder. I hate cold weather ! I used to sleep at 26 degree when I was back in Malaysia ( call me psycho, I just can't stand the cold ). I don't know how am I going to survive during the winter. But I have to =.=The weather turned dark so early, it's all dark during 4pm, soooo depressing. It makes me think that it's time to sleep. And it makes me feel so lazy and sleepy ALL THE TIME !

My lily flower is growing... yeeeeepeeeee~ the whole room is so dead, so I got myself a plant. Hopefully I won't kill it :D

Somebody, please come and visit me :P I'm so busy but I want to explore more about London, and I need a companion... someone, please?

Get well soon Sotong, I need to get rid of the specs ! Grrrrr

Toodles, xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work hard for what you want

Went with a flu and turned out to be a fool.
Things have never been easy for me. Who doesn't feel the same?
I guess everybody have the same thoughts.
It's just depends on how you see things, whether it is in a positive or negative way.
But whatever it is, I don't believe in miracle (yea I just don't).
So I will never make myself believe that there will be a miracle when I screwed things up, how sad is that. lol
I need to learn, to know that things won't just come by your door step. They won't wait for you.
If you missed it, you are screwed :P
So whenever, where ever and whatever you are doing, DO YOUR BEST. You won't know when the chance will come. :)
Work hard for what you want~ I always say this. Sibeh kolot but it works.



Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween :)

It's Halloween and none of us has plan for it. It was though a very last minute thingy. But we made it :D Had fun too !~ And because we need to set our clock an hour back, we get to enjoy another hour more :3 muahahaha~

Thanks guys, I really had fun. :)

Captain Hook :) Love the hook and the tattoo !

The devil :D didn't put much effort on it but I kinda love it still.

Lina the dead bride. Great success. photogenic make up !!

Mr. smashed Iphone
With his wonderful apps.
Hmmm, let me try if the apps work XD


Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been almost 2 months.

Wooooosh~ Time flies. It's been almost 2 months since I've been to London. If you ask me how is my life here, I'll say "I'm fine". That explains all huh? I guess so. :p

Been really lazy to update my blog, I'm sorry. I promise I'll keep you guys update :D

Started my job training already. Hmm, kinda nervous though. Teaching is never that easy after all. Applying what you know on your assignment is totally different from teaching. We have to aware about the bully issue, the child abuse issue and also the different standard of understanding among them. But it will be definitely be interesting. Still cannot imagine myself wearing formal and working in my placement.. :D Waiting for the second job training though, hope it doesn't clash with my timetable..

I'm back to dancing again. It's always great to get back to dance. I just feel so relax and happy whenever I'm dancing. It's not like I'm born with the talent, but I believe when you really like something, you work hard for it. :) Been to the team tryouts, didn't really get in cause I don't know ballroom dance..sigh~ *disappointed* But they found me someone and we are having another tryout this Wednesday, hope it works *finger crossed* But the height is really an issue for me. I'm way too short.. Hmmmm, height is never a problem when I was in Malaysia though. lol

Halloween is coming soon :p Going to get some costumes tomorrow, hopefully. Trick or treat :P

Went to the cinema in London yesterday, my very first time. But I still prefer cinema in Malaysia. They are a lot cheaper and the cinema are way better than the one here. :p But anyway, it's always a first time. :) Looking forward to the SAW 3D though... wuuuuuhoooo~
Fun fair near the cinema
Elena :) xx

That's it for today, gotta get my ass back to my dissertation. zzzz

Toodles peeps :) xx