Friday, August 8, 2008

Busy Days

Finals coming soon~ Just past our exam week. Hmm... I hope my exams werent that bad.XD
When finals coming soon, means holidays are just nearby~ Weeee~~^^ Going to Phuket~ hehe
Although is with my family, who cares. I need to relax~~ ngiek~
Going to penang with classmates too~ really need to play more to cover back the days that i've been rushing assignments off my ass, revising exams and did not sleep.. Ive having lotsa pimples and i PUT ON WEIGHT... ARGH
YAY~ imma going to play kao kao this coming holiday~ =p
haiz. I never should trust u at the very first time.
I shouldnt even give a shit on what u had said to me.
I'm the only stupid person who thought u will do what u promised but ended up I'm the one being hurt~
ahhhhh... stupid sotong.... sob..