Saturday, September 26, 2009

NO Smoking

NO Smoking
NO Smoking
NO Smoking
NO Smoking

NO Smoking
NO Smoking

NO Smoking
NO Smoking

NO Smoking
NO Smoking

NO Smoking
NO Smoking
NO Smoking
NO Smoking
NO Smoking

NO Smoking

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

STUPID F***ing bitch.

I have to make it clear. This post is not referring to any human being.

My poor Dorry. T_T
She was bitten by my stupid neighbor's dog.
Half of her ear was gone !!!! Damn it.
She fought so hard. Everyone thought the neighbor's dog got bitten.
But when I saw her with blood all over her head, I thought it was just the blood of the neighbor's dog.
I tried to wash them off. But I couldn't.
It was not the neighbor's dog. Its her blood.
Mimi and rocky kept barking, like they were trying to tell me Dorry was injured.
I see tears coming out from her eyes. (no kidding)
She was shivering.
I have blood all over my hands.
There's nothing I can do to make the blood stop.
Its midnight 1am. There is no doctor now.
I'm not sure if the clinic opens tomorrow. Its a public holiday :(

If I ever see you f***ing bitch anywhere near my house, you better beware.

Monday, September 21, 2009

100 % genuine Malaysian !!!

I'm definitely born Malaysian. ><
I don't know from what aspect I don't seem like one.
People kept asking me where I was from.
But if I wasn't, why I have button nose, bread face, fish eyes, etc etc
Not to say that Malaysian have those features.. Just me.
If I happened to be an ang moh, sure I'll have tall nose, gorgeous eyes, sexy lips... but I don't, those don't belong to me... wakakakkakaka x)
I'm grateful for what I had, though I always want more ><
Speaking of which, I'm also not a BANANA. I don't like being referred as a BANANA cause I'm chinese educated and I think I can speak fluent chinese.. No offense =x
I'm a MANGO.. haha both inner and outer part also yellow XD
But why I don't seem attractive to chinese? LOL... stupid Q.
I want chinese larrrrrrrr..
*stop laughing pls*
(For those who knew what the hell I'm talking about, please don't laugh)
60% of my friends are foreigner, Iran? Iraq? Turkey? etc etc ><
I thought it will be pretty hard for me to communicate with them.
But it turns out to be pretty fine. sometimes, chicken understand what the ducks are talking.. lol
ewwww, please don't kill me. I'm not saying that you guys ain't good.
I'm just confuse, why me? cause I look ASIAN? hahahahah =D
Don't whack me...=p
Anyway, I'm glad that I knew you guys. :)
And stop saying I'm fat. GRRRR..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dream On Us O.O

Yeeeeepeeeeee.. Bel finished her trial exams...
Wish her luck on her result.. :)

She came to find me for movie after her exam.
Waited her in the gym from 1215pm till 4pm and I almost fall asleep in the sauna >< Worked out until my shirt all wets and both of my legs cramp..zzzz But luckily the movie is worthy.. We watched "Imagine That" by Eddie Murphy. He is always my all time favorite comedy actor :) Bought a Denim schedule book from ROXY. I always wanted one schedule book that you can refill once you finish using.. and so coincidence they have one.. wakakakaka XD It suites perfectly with my 10-coloured Hello Kitty pen.. ahahahhahaha =D perfect match *wink wink* I also bought a Hello Kitty Passport holder.. =.= All a sudden in love with all the Hello Kitty stuff.. swt


On the way back, Bel and I was discussing what we will look like in 10 years time. And these came out from our mind :

" I will be sitting in my office
helping you to settle your
divorce documents with your husband "

" You will be in my office asking me
to design a new office for you "

" I will be sitting at your office
waiting for you to settle those
documents for my new premises "

" You will be on the way with your
Private jet to Club Med and pay
me a visit "

" I will be on my private plane to my
own resort at the island I bought "

etc etc ..........


*knock knock*
It's time to wake up x)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My first time setting up my own stall ><

I always thought setting up a stall at the flea market is easy. All we need to do is hang the clothes and arrange the stuff.
But it turned out to be different. GOSH~
It's so tiring and when business started to be good, there is when the chaos starts.
I ended up writting the wrong code, couldn't find the new dress, having problem with the plastic bags etc etc..
But it was good experience though. I get to know how to promote my things and errr deal with people who like to negotiate though the price is already very low? hahahaha =D
We were all exhausted and hungry.. Cause we don't have time to leave the booth.. And we only can munch our biscuits at the booth.. XD
The booth beside us were so relaxing.. From 10 am till 7pm, they were just playing UNO cards and poker.. even if they have customers.. =.=" How cool are they..
But we also have this funny guy that behind us that talks non stop and always wander around at all the stalls. haha x)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


From the very beginning, I never knew that I will start my own business at my age.
Maybe because I was too rely on other people in my life.
But now, I can see myself as an independent individual.. keke =D
I start to think rationally (not like I didn't think rationally before that) ...
I also start to think of the consequences before I do anything.
Though I always do something when I feel like doing it. haha but that's me right?
I've started to learn on managing a business and make things organized.
I'll take it as an experience in life, even if this business didn't work out.
But at least I learned lessons from this and I'm proud of it.
It's something my mom loved to see me doing.
And I knew she will be proud of me too :)


Sher Online Boutique will be at Subang Square SS15 this saturday !!!!

Don't miss us. Drop by and catch us for our new arrivals :)

Address : Jalan SS 15/4G, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. (Just beside Taylor's Business School & ADP building. Look for the TBS/ADP in the map attached)

Please click here for google map

We will be there from 10am -7pm.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pink Belly Stud :)

As I promised. This is my belly button piercing.. haha..
Pls ignore the background and the huge trunk =.=
Hope you can't really see the huge scar I have there.
Too bad its kinda hard to see my pink blink blink stud.. wakakakka =D


Bought this with Claudia today.
It can be a headband, headtie, necklace or tie them at your wraist.
Love the leaopard print.. kekekeke XD

I'm just soooo into the forehead hairband.. So cooooool :)
I'm going to get more. Should have bought some in Thailand... *regrets*

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okaaay, I'm so sorry I did not listen what you told me.. *being stubborn*
And the brave Reanne really got her belly pierced.... WOOOOHOOOOO

Before I reach the place I've already start shivering (for what I also don't know).
Then after I found the shop and get inside , I'm not that scared anymore.
I just sign the paper and here I am with my belly pierced.
Well no doubt its pain but it doesn't last long. But the girl who pierced me failed to poke thru for the first time. That caused me hell lots of pain.. She said my tummy's muscle too hard >< Swt. If my belly is still soft like tofu then whats the point of going to the gym everyday.. zzz She wasted the first needle and tried to poke with the second needle. and finally it poked thru.. But My belly its already numb. arghhhh. I thought you said only 2-3sec... you took 10 minutes okay~~~!!!!! ARGHHHHH Not going to post the disgusting belly photo first.. still swelling.. But I've got myself a pink stud.. wakakkaka =D

After piercing , we went to Dome for late lunch and it took me 1 hour to finish my meal.. hahahah... In pain what.. so must eat slowly.. =.=
Then I still went shopping... hahahah..The guy asked me not to walk and move so much, I should be sitting down or lying down until my belly stop bleeding.. But I'm way too stubborn, mai chap.. keep shopping... =P
Then when I was in the fitting room.. OMGOSH... my bandage is full of blood.. See....-.- this is the consequences of not listening to the pro. ><
So I sat down at the fitting room until Claudia finish trying her baju.. @.@ Bel came to join us at around 5. We went for dinner at Food Republic.. hahahhaha Sotong eat again @.@ Not bad what.. so pain still can eat so much.... XD

My cute little Bel Bel
So cute hor.
Bel you meditating ar. @.@
camwhoring when Claudia is shopping
38 us
hamster? Bel you look like you need a break
Ana ana. Your mouth can stuff more food. YOU WIN =.=
My lips better weiiii.... =p
Last but not least. A normal one :)

Nice hor :)
Bel's all time favourite food. Everytime the same food
wahahaahha I eat again .. wuuuuhoooo~
Claudia & SotongMua bel bel <3You win lar... Im shorter. If I'm not in pain.. You'll see.. Hmmph*I'm not bending my knees.. I'm not I'm not*

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is spontaneous..
I'm getting my belly piercing tomorrow.
I always wanted to get one... Ever since I saw all the chio bikini models with their belly pierced..
So I decided to get one...wakakakkaka=D
(say only.. don't know if i can stand the pain or defeat the feeling of fear when I lie down and get pierced)
It's not the first time I wanted to get pierce.
I went to the shop once. lying down going to get my pierce done but the girl took something out that made me changed my mind immidiately and terus CABUT.
So pai sei >.<>
Okay just wish me luck tomororow so I can get my pierce done.
SInce I'm so hardworking this week. Gym and body tanning everyday so give me a break...
wakakakka.. after i got pierce I don't think I'm allowed to gym.
So i can curi tulang a bit.. XD
Talk so much... Maybe tomorrow when I go into the shop I straight away faint =.="

--Wish me luck--

Thursday, September 3, 2009


When I talked to you nicely, and ended up getting these kind of treatment, I rather bang myself against the wall than talking to you anymore.
I've already told you that I don't know how to draw that logo and you insist that I'm lazy or don't feel like drawing for you, go ahead and find some other people. Don't give me bullshit like I have a high performance Lappie and I will be able to draw that? Your lappie has a good specs too, why not you draw it by myself.
When you ask people to do something for you, you talk nicely, not ORDERING them. Cause you need their help.
Yea, I admit that I dragged your project for quite sometime , and i finished them in a night. What else do you expect, I'm not a professional and you are expecting something like a professional? Then go and seek a pro. =.="
Before I accept this work from you, I've already told you I'd try my best. And from the very beginning, I already said that I couldn't find any suitable font for the logo. And now you are blaming me that I neglected your work?
I don't even want to earn your few hundred bucks. I did it because you asked me to do so. I don't really give a damn even if you didn't pay me.
But now, even if you pay me, I won't do. Go and find some pro that can meet your requirement. Gd luck.

My very 1st Virgin wholemeal wheat bread.. wakakakka =3

All a sudden feel like baking =.=" I think I'm interested in culinary arts, hahaha. Found mum's loaf maker so i decided to make a loaf of wholemeal wheat bread. Bla bla bla, I know the wholemeal kinda stuff doesn't sound interesting or something savor. But geeez I just love all those wholemeal and wheat thingy.. Although dad always call them "Bird Food".. kekeke =D
Went MV earlier today for gym session and had lunch with Kaveh (a Turkish friend I met recently).. He is nice and he also helped me on getting all the ingredients =.=" So pai sei >.<
So, this is a very healthy bread, I used nonfat dry milk, brown sugar, 100% organic wholemeal wheat bread flour, only 2 tbsp of low fat butter... But guess what.. It is so tasty that I've eaten up a quarter and I made the second loaf since I still have the ingredients. hahahahahha

This was my first loaf.. It seems a bit out of shape and errrr uneven surface..
But even my maid and Bel said it tastes good.
hahahahha I'm genius.

This is my second loaf, the imporved one... I waited until 12am. =.=

Taaaadaaaa I'm just sooooo oproud of myself, I couldn't believe that someone like me can actually bake...

Credits for my 4th yee ma (been bugging her the whole morning )
Maria & Bel (Thanks for being the tester... )

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lazy to post >.<

Finally got my result and luckily I PASSED.. And i got 3.5 GPA. After all the hardwork >.< But, she was pretty upset with what she had. I don't know what to do but all I can say is:" Although they did not appreciate what you did, but we all knew you tried your best and we were all impressed with what you did.You did a great job!! Awesome work you have there. So, be tough and stay strong."


LOL.. food again. I guess I'm fated to be a big fat sotong.
I just couldn't resist with all the yummy food. :)

Homemade Curry chicken. eat them with rice or baoz. yumeee

okaaaaay, its kinda hard to find this dish these days.
Its thick yam gravy with vege.. It tastes sooooooo good...

Weird but taste good too.
The bittergurd soup

Bel ordered this. errrr just some plain fried tofu.
but she loves it so much.

This is super duper fattening, but its our all-time-favourite.
Fried "sheow bak"

Dad with his gay pose. OMG

My 4th yee ma.. she looks so cute in this picture.
Like her smile.

Bel is so hungry until her stomachache.
But she really slim down.. OMG..
stupid SPM made my cute bugsie so stress =.=

"Aiyoyoyoyo.. Why am I here. Borrrriiiinnngggg & Hungggrrrrryyyyy"

Uncle Simon & papa

What the hell am i doing.. O.O

My 4th Uncle..

"See what o see...."

hahahahahha you wanna capture my signature moon face? YOU FAILED. cause I put on weight... bleh =P

I'm not laughing...

yooooorrrrr, why so long !!!!

Okaaaaay fish eye effect failed. Big face effect SUCCESS !!


I'm going to tear you off because your skin are so fair and you sleep with my owner... Grrrrrr..

Oops. got captured!!

yayaya.. I know you have the power. Stop pointing at me.. =.="

Continue tearing you off.. wakakkakaka XD