Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eating like a King :)

I swear I will go back there again. In 5 years time. 
And make sure I can speak fluent French.
Bring a sketchbook and start to draw. :) 

Been enjoying all the food I cooked myself. But I'm starting to get bored. Cannot think of any other food to cook anymore. So I prepared myself a very rich breakfast : Scramble eggs, toast, and Smoothie.. Hmmm~

Then went out to get some art materials. Gosh~ I'm super super regret I didn't bring all my stuff here. The art shop our lecturer recommends us is very huge, they are like a one stop art shop, they have everything you need. But the price is way too high compare to Msia. I wonder if I should ask dad to send me all my stuff from Malaysia, but I guess it will be costly and who knows my things will reach here damaged. Hmmmph~

Then, went to Spitalfield Market for Lunch. The weather is pretty cooling, not as cold as the past few days. But a cup of coffee will definitely help :) Most of the restaurants are in long queue, maybe it's because too many office buildings nearby.

 Classic with veg.
contains Ham, cheese and mushroom.

Came back and started to boil my ABC soup. Only get to drink it around 8pm. First time but very proud of myself. kekeke XD

I'm starting to paint again. Been ages since I touched my watercolor. have to practice my skills. XD What should I paint then? Eiffel tower? The view outside my window? The tower bridge?? Hmmmm~ Any idea?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I LOVE my course

Went for the first session in Uni today. Not many people showed up. I guess not everyone are like us showing up an hour earlier =.= Most of them must have been in the 2nd of 3rd year. But still, it was around 30 people there.

Our class are mainly in the studio /workshop. So it's a lot better. The studio is huge and it really looks like a design studio. A bit messy here and there with all the boards, student artwork etc etc, but that is what you called a STUDIO :) A place where the inspiration and innovation will come to you.

Most of the students that showed up are in their fresh year for BA. And apparently, I'm the only Asian. Some of them are quite old too. Probably around 3x or 4x. There are a few who came back after their gap year. But only 3 students in the final year showed up =.= Includes me. :p

Ms K briefed us about the course and modules. I was so excited listening to every bits of them. I thought my course will be only doing plain Interior Design. But guess what, we will learn about Photography, a little of Illustration, Fashion and Textiles design, new technology that are being applied in Architecture/construction/material, landscape design, Branding, Graphic and packaging Design, and last but not least. Architecture !!!!! weeee~ Ms K also told us, who said ID can only work in a space, we can do architecture here too. of course not those tall tall building. So so so excited and couldn't wait for my class to start.. Another thing, they want us to shoot a video and post it up in Youtube, yay I get to learn podcasting and filming.. :p

According to the lecturer. We will not be staying in the studio most of the time. We will go sight seeing around London. Get to know the famous building and visit the museums. They even asked us to go to high fashion street, to check out all the fashion stores, the decorations, the interiors, the branding and how they attract customers.

They also asked us to go to see all the christmas window decoration when xmas is about to come. :) Can't wait~ So so so excited now. hahaha. Oh ya, they even have 2 laser cut machines in school.. weee~ and the lecturer also introduced us to sme art and design warehouse where we can get whatever we want there. I didn't bring most of my stuffs... grrrrrr have to buy them again.. OMG I only brought my marker and scale ruler.. I don't know why scale ruler, maybe I cannot work without them?

Class will only start next week. But the lecturer have already gave us 2 places to visit before next Tuesday. Hmmmm. Better get my study mood back and throw the slacky queen away.:p

Tate Museum
I'm so going to check this out. Bring my sketchbook and camera. here I come...muahahahaha

Monday, September 27, 2010

The weird dinner ever

Guess what is this???
Came back around 6pm and most of the stores were closed. So I can only cook whatever I could find from the fridge. O.O Way too hungry, and some of the foods are going to expire.
So here you go, Sotong's weird dinner - Mushroom + egg + ham. sweat O.O''

It was freezing cold today, as usual. But I finally got myself a jacket. weeeeee~
Oh man, been spending a lot since I moved in to London and my stupid dorm. have to tied my tummy with a belt next week onwards.. XD
And of course, eating like a King =.= Definitely gaining tons of weight. 

Munching strawberry toast now. Not really satisfied from the weird dinner just now. I miss my Poco :( Saw a Miniature Pintcher outside my dorm.. awwwwww~ Hope he is happy there. TSM please don't scold Poco :P and please don't call him stupid, please play with him once in awhile too XD

I miss dad, I miss Bel, I miss Poco, I miss Maria, I miss my bed (the bed is too soft =.=), but I'm not homesick. Just been awhile since I last talked to them. When they are free, I'm out. When I'm back they are sleeping like a pig. Sigh~ So boring. Complain again :D

That's it for today, have to wake up very early to go for a session at my U. 
Good night peeps. Toodles ~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The enrollment :)

Went to the international enrollment at the University. Not many people though, maybe they went there early cause I only go there around 2pm. I thought they were supposed to go according to the surname, but apparently all of them just anyhow go. So did I, mine was supposed to be 330pm but I went at 2pm. I reached there at 130pm so I went sightseeing again, this time, I walked across the Tower Bridge. So awesome :D

Then, I went to Starbucks, because it was so damn cold and I'm only wearing my blazer =.= I seriously need to get one jacket. haha XD While I was queue-ing for my coffee, MAX LOOI prank call me. I'm not sure if that is what he meant to do at first, but well he succeeded. He sounds soooooo CHINESE (you know what I mean). He was asking me something and I just go :"huh? huh? huh?". STUPID !!! If you see this, you will get it from me when I see you. And please come and find me with Wai Leong, so effing boring :((((((

Met 2 really nice girl during the enrollment, one is from Taiwan who holds a spouse visa in UK and another girl from Norway. Nice to meet you guys :)

I'm going to the International students party this thursday with her, hope its a blast one !

I then stopped by at the Camden Market and felt so in love with it. So many things to see, so little time again =.= It was so packed and I was rushing home. So I decided to go tomorrow, with Autumn, my roommate :) Yeeeepeee~

Oh ya, and I was stuck outside my room :( Cause normally I don't need key to get in if I didn't lock it. Cause it is like the hotel key card system. And how in the world I would know that they will have auto locking system? Yea, that's why, me with no jacket waited quite some time for the authorities to open the door.. FML

That's all for today. :)
Hope you enjoy reading,


xx Reanne

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Somehow I think I'm right

I was complaining about my flat ever since I moved in. Yea, this flat is boring but what can I do about that? Yesterday, a flatmate of mine told me that he is going to move out of this flat if there is someone who willing to swap. Like I said previously, most of my roomies never get out of their room and we barely spoke to each other.

When he told me about that, at once, I felt like moving out too. Before I sleep, I tossed and turned just to think about this. Should I move too? But then, I woke up from my thoughts of moving out and asked myself :" Are you sure you will move in to a better room? What if they were the same or worse? What if you get a room with lots of broken stuff? What if your room is no longer red but the blue?"

Yea right. I never should have think of this question at first. I'm just being impulse. I am very happy with the conditions of my room except for the broken chair ( yea, I don't have a chair and I have to sit on the shelf to reach my laptop). And I love the color of my room. And regarding the roomies, it's not really a big problem though. When my class starts, I won't be that bored anymore :)

Sometimes, people just can't always get what they want. We have to accept what we have and appreciate them ( but I kept complaining, yea I know, I'm trying ). Things don't always be the way we wanted. When we are given something we never expect or never like, We have just got to accept the fact and go on with it. I somehow said this like I never did any of the above, I admit, I always do complain and that's how I learn from the lessons :)

I finally bought my pots and pan :) weeee~ 20 pieces set for only 19.99 pounds. I went to Sainsbury's and get some REAL food for my dinner :) Baked aubergine with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic and Mozzarella Cheese. *thumbs up* call me a pro, but yea the photo looks disgusting though, but it tastes soooo good :D

That's it for today :) Take care peeps.

xx Reanne

Friday, September 24, 2010

Life goes on

It's the fourth day since I moved in to my dorm. And I have already explored quite a lot of places nearby. :)

It was raining when I woke up. And the rain didn't stop until 2pm. :( Wanted to go to Camden town but the stupid rain ruined it. So I went to check out Tower Hill campus around 3pm. I also went sight seeing at the tower bridge and the London Tower.

It was fun sight seeing and checking the surroundings alone. The weather was pretty cool after the rain. I get to walk beside the river and feel the breeze. It was soooo romantic. haha

Came back and grabbed a Subway sandwich for dinner. Talked to dad a bit and continued with my Criminal Minds.. XD I understand why Bel used to sit in front of PC the whole day. Get so addicted once I started.

One of my roomies is actually moving out. Because this is a very very boring flat. Most of my roomies don't get out from their room and I barely see them. That made me feel like moving too. But I doubt I can get an exchange as the whole Pacific Court is full. :( Well I guess I could just get my finger crossed for another girl who hasn't move in yet.

But at least tonight wasn't that bad. I help one my my roomies to prepare his dinner and pass him some softwares. There is totally no interaction between the rest of the roomates. Shoot me. =.= And he is the one who is going to move out. I'm going to have a very rough year ahead. Hope that I get some classmates who stay here too.

I tried knocking their doors but no one seemed to answer.. Silly isn't it? What to do. Just kinda bored shopping alone. Hope to get some company. Grrrr

The Breakfast


 The room.
Love my bed. It's huge.. Well smaller than what I used to have but its larger than a single bed and a few inches smaller than a Queen Size Bed.
I love how my bed sheet blends with the red wall. 
My toilet is pink though :D

I forgot what is the name.
But it is a historical Palace.


 The tower Bridge

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I hope school starts ASAP

Coloured my nails. Like the color of my bed sheet and the wall.
with red

This is boring, like seriously BORINGGGGGG !!
I hope school starts tomorrow, I couldn't be bothered if there are lots of stress or homework, I just need to get out of my room. =.= I'm going to rot in here.. Fcking boringgg.

Was invited to the next flat yesterday. Hmmm, fun? for them, yeah very fun. For me? Nah~ I'm the only one who is not from UK. We don't really have common topic, so yeah imagine that.. They are enjoying drinking shots and mixed cocktails? ( I didn't really know what is it, they just make them out of what they have ) while I was busy playing with my cell's game. Lame isn't it. Tried to find topics, but most of them knew each other previously so uhm they kinda get along pretty fast.

Oh ya, and they thought I eat whatever that walks and moves in my country. Dolphin meat?? haha, why would I want to eat Dolphin meat.

Sat there until 12am and I decided to head back to my room and continue my Criminal Mind. I knew they tried to talk to me as I'm obviously sitting there like a silly girl. But we always ended up with a piece of silence.. Man, this is not good. :( But I still manage to meet lot's of people there. Most of them are going to the same U as mine. They are very niceeeee and friendly though :)

Was supposed to go London sightseeing with them but I couldn't wait any longer as it was already 2pm. So I went Marble Arch.. haha Primark was awesome <333333

Nothing else I can do =.=

Wuuuulala ~ Shopping !!!
Dad will kill me.. but then this is just 40 pounds in total? Dead cheap? Even if you convert.
It's from PRIMARK . Love it.. <3
Shoes are 5 pounds each. Jeans are 8 pounds each.
And what, the shirt are 2.5 pounds?? XD
Bel, we should actually stop there that time.. I can get you checked shirt.

The so called Four Cheese Ravioli with very little cheese and a lot of flour =.=
I ate half and I couldn't continue eating, way too filling with the flour and cheese.

I texted Bel when I was in the tube heading to Marble Arch. She asked me to get a "good" book and read so I won't be that bored. She also suggested me to do that while I'm having my tea O.O
A book? I left all my books at home.. ;( I don't see any bookstores here anyway, just a blockbuster movie shop. But I really need to get one, how about thriller, horror or serial killer kinda books?? kekeke XD

Will check out Camden Town tomorrow. According to the web, they have lots of stalls...

Okay, nothing much to blog.
So good night peeps. toodles~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The New Chapter Of My Life

I have finally moved in to my dorm in London. Not as bad as I expected. The design is quite modern and its red and white. Coincidencely my bed sheet is red too :) Niceeeeeee
Most of the flatmates have moved in too. They are quite nice and I have another school mate that is in the same course too :) Yay~!

Today, I did what I'm supposed to do in the whole week. I did all of them in a day. I'm going to be bored to death.

Went to Sainsbury's to get most of the grocery stuff. Then came back and cook my lunch. After that, I rushed out to check out the tube. Managed to get to two of the campuses of my school. And I found ARGOS and bought myself a headset (but the wrong one @.@ swt). Bah, will go and refund tomorrow .. sigh

And I found the Old Spitalfield's Market... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Gosh they have so many restaurant there. and there is a big compound with lots of stalls selling vintage, handcrafted and antiques. So many to see, so little time. The woman told me it will be super pack during Sunday. I should totally check it out on Sunday..XD It's like a bazaar..

The weather today is soooo hot. It says 14 degree but I only wore short sleeves and I'm sweating.. Weird~

My breakfast :P one meal I will never miss in a day.

Mushroom Pappardelle
Super filling but I finished it O.O

Spaghetti Carbonara
I have to stand up to watch my Criminal Minds now.=.= TOO FULL.oh man!

Hmm, what should I do tomorrow? Shopping? Boringggg~

oh ya, dad Skyped me and told me that Poco learned a new skill. Dad said :" Don't know I should say he is smart or stupid". Dad was having supper and he wanted to call the maid. So, he asked Poco to call Maria. And my baby just ran all the way back to the maid's room and knocked her door with his head... hahaha, what a skill ~ But I love it.. good boy <3

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paris Trip

Miss me anybody?? :D
I've been eating like a king =.= Western food are always so appealing. In one month time, I'll be a pig !! haha, I thought I will miss Malaysian food, but probably not at the moment, still enjoying the food here.. XD

Just came back from Paris. Went sightseeing by Metro, bus and subway. haha, kinda adventurous and exciting as we don't speak French and they refused to speak English. But we still managed to go to most of the tourist attractions. Didn't have time for shopping :(

I promised myself I will go there in 5 years time. And make sure I can speak fluent French.. French guy very endao.. hahahaha.. Just joking :p But the food, ewwww. Ate more or less the same food most of the days.

Montmarte, Paris.
I love the structure of the building, the surroundings of the building is so comfortable.

Bel and the Sotong :p

Arc de Triomphe,Paris

Look at all the details, every single details on it were engraved by hands.

The night scene of Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Hotel de Ville, Paris

The Notre Dame, Paris

Morning scene in Eiffel Tower, Paris


I seriously love this sooooooo much <3 Nice one.

Haha, bye Paris <3

Palace de Versailies, Paris

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just an update

Hi peeps, I've reached UK and the weather is uhm FANTASTIC :) Food are awesome, weeeeee (no rice, YES!!!)
Staying at Aunt Jenn's house, Hospitality rated 5 out of 5 stars :) Food are good too XD
Not going to write a lot here, my lappie is running out of batt, pictures say it all :D Have fun ~

Isn't she cute? hahahaha She looks like Japanese, that is why people spoke Japanese to her no matter where we go.. Cute one :D

Yummeeeee plums, we picked a bunch back home :) and of course tested a lot in the farm XD

Pumpkins :DDDD *huge*

No idea who are they, they just ran into us when we pressed the shutter. Though it is spontaneous, it looks good too :D Dad said he will enrol into the university in order to know more girls.. hahaha :D
I was squeezed until my eyes just left with two lines.. lmao~

Chapel near Aunt Jenn's house :) Naiss~

Sakura at Aunt Jenn's house.... preeeeety

All the Raspberries and blackberries Bel picked.

Love this, Bel took it when all of us were finding her and thought that she was lost in the farm.

Raspberries :D

The King University :p