Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year cookies..~

weeee~ We can hear new year song wherever we go, the mall, the night market and even the radio >.< That means Chinese New year is just few steps ahead.. weeee~ here comes all the angpows... *saliva dripping* wakakakka =3
Went to bought all the recipes and ingredients for new year cookies today cause we are going to bake our own cookies.... yay~!!
Bugs planned to bake a traditional cookies named "龙饼" don't really know the english name.. haha but its in dragon shaped. I'm going to bake butter cookies, peanut cookies and corn flakes cookies..
There are three person who are going to join us tomorrow... 2 of them are bugs's friend and another one is miss ham ham.. haha just hope we dont screwed the kitchen and all our cookies are successful.. will post some photos tomorrow if i have it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bom Cha Cha~ Bom Cha Cha~

Guess what? Im going back to my ballroom dance.. Been slacking for quite some time so I guess is time for me to go back to my ballroom class. I was in bronze class but now i guess I need to go all over again cause I don't really remember all the steps. hahahah XD
Went to Zumba class in California today. The dance have some latin music, some cha cha and salsa moves and some mixture off different dance steps. Its something really fun !!~ I don't really know what is zumba so i googled it and here is what it is --
---Zumba is a style of intense dance-aerobics workout with pulsating latin music.The 60-minute program incorporates footwork and body movements from flamenco, salsa and other dances. Participants pump their legs, windmill their arms, gyrate their hips, clap their hands, dip, slide and spin — all to a frenzied beat that leaves them with flushed cheeks and dripping in sweat.---

Check this out -->

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abandoned Blogspot... sobsss T_T

Hmm... Im not really sure if people still check out my blog and tag me in their blog cause I'm really unactive in this.. But I still check out all the linkies I have all the time.. Don't u guys worry =3 ngiek ngiek
Awww~ I really put on weight after my vacation and my so-called-term break. Its just a short term break, but I couldnt see how i put on weight. >.<" I guess its just because I really ate a lot.. I think this is the issue that most of the girls and woman are afriad of and most concern about.. No doubt Im definately one of them. LOL..
I do always head to the gym and do those stretching at home (all the time that kinda annoying according to bugs..haha)... until today when Vicky rang me up and we talked about this issue.. She told me that actually doing cardios won't make me slim!!! Cardio is just for building muscle and toning up...

Now help me~ I really need to know :
-can gym really help me slim down or just building muscle that will make me look HUGE?(cause i noticed that since i went to gym my thighs and arms look "stronger" than usual. Im just afriad if I continue I'll turn muscular)
-can dance class and gym make me slim down?
-If i do weightlifting, do I go for the weight that I can carry or 1lb heavier?

----Please leave your comment at the chatbox on your left, really appreciate it.. I really want to know them... Thanks a lot and sorry to those who think that this issue is stupid or what so ever----

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

After ages..

AGAIN.. Im back.. after a long long time.. Sorry for not replying all the shoutout at my blog... Sorry >.<
Just came back from Bintan CLub Med, Indonesia, Love it so so much there. Although its a 5 days 4 nights trip, but it was not enough for both me and my sister. We wished that we could stay there for a couple of weeks.. LOL... ridiculous huh? When you really relax and knowing new people there, you wont say that.
For the first day, it was bored and we both thought that this trip will be a trip for my dad and his gf because we couldnt play any watersport..T_T Its monsoon season..awww~~
The next day, after we met some nice people, there is where the fun started... We were hanging around with friends, ignoring the adults, having all our meals with our friends and even planning our own events.
We even went for Flying trapeze personal lesson. Bugs managed to perform with the entire circus team with Racheal (our new friend from Shaghai), Giselle ( a cool cool girl but has a nice smile), Michelle & Alicia ( two friendly sisters from Singapore).
I quite sad that i couldnt get my 2nd tricks -- Split done.. But anyway I still have my cert for "Knee Hang" and im ready for the catch.. I missed it the first day and i manged to get it done the second day.. woooo~ Although my knee and my entire body hurt, but I do think is worth it. haha i might sound like im insane but i think its fun when i see the bruices all over my body without feeling any pain.. XD
I wanted to share my flying trapeze video here but too bad its too huge to upload.
But there are some pictures I would like to share... Enjoy~

The first day~ huge chest~
Bugsie and Sotong
Allyn, Papa and Me
Nice View right? haha.. miss it lots <3Ready for the catch!! haha.. From left : ?, Michelle, Alicia, Racheal, Giselle and BugsThe performance night.. "The Flying Trapeze Show"~ here come bugs and the entire circus team!!!Saya,Bugs and me~The Entire Circus Team~