About me

I don’t design clothes,  I design dreams”  Ralph Lauren. I have always dreamed to be an Interior and Fashion Designer. I am Reanne, you can call Sotong like all my friends do :)

I’m an open-minded perfectionist. I am also an independent-thinker, I like to have my own thoughts and perceptions (I consider myself unique :) ) Besides that, I am enthusiastic and passionate about new creations. I’m optimistic about the unknown. Travelling is also my passion – been to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, America, Korea, Australia, China, Hong Kong. I am outgoing and adventurous ; I love Club Med and I even have a flying trapeze award for accomplishing the knee-hang catch. Apart from being strong and tough, I am romantic too. I love lace and dimmed environments and I have always loved romantic movies. Last but not least, I am stubborn a.k.a determined, meaning  I am not afraid of hard work.

Dancing is an integral part of my life, I love to dance. When I’m on the dance floor, I feel free; all problems and stress disappear when I dance. I also enjoy food. But I dislike celery to the max. I’m a dessert lover because I have a sweet tooth. Inevitably, I hate doctors especially dentists and dental surgeons.

My family and friends have been very important in my life. They play a big role and they mean a lot to me.

I am usually very kind to animals and other life forms but would prefer a 100-metre restraining order on all cockroaches and clowns; Been suffering from Claudrophobia and Cockroach-phobia for many years and I guess this will stay with me forever :(

I love vintage stuff too. I love everything that is old because they are meaningful and they have colorful  stories behind them. 

Reanne Tan