Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The power of cotton candy

It was a hectic day today. I'm super tired and I have no mood at all. I hate it when I have not enough sleep. It's like floating on the air all the time. I barely know anything.

Went to the night market after my dance class. Was not in the mood to dance tonight. I'm super duper exhausted. I messed up all the steps in class =.=Today is very unlucky for me. Everything I did went wrong. hmmmmph~ my brain is not working today. He took leave without acknowledging me.. zzz

Saw so many people holding fluffy cotton candies in the night market. I WANT THEM TOO~!!! So, I went searching all over the night market. Finally spotted the stall, picked the largest one, and of course the pink one... ngiek ngiek :p Happily holding my cotton candy and went back home.

Sometimes, it's not to hard to cheer someone up. I don't need no huge bouquet of flowers, boxes of chocolates, extremely long messages or anything you could think of to cheer someone up. All I needed is something sweet. :p Yea I knew it's bad for our health, but they do help. When I'm angry, I'll take chocolates or ice creams, when I'm unhappy I'll take lollipops and cotton candies. Oh ya, a sweet post, sweet comments, sweet message count too :p As long is sweet :D I have a sweet tooth, and it is one thing that is pretty hard to get rid off.

But different people have different way to solve their problems. Looking at my dad this morning, I can already feel the tense and stress by just looking at his face. I don't know what can I do to help. I wish I could take all the stress from him, but how? It's not as easy as feeding him cotton candies. Maybe I haven't really had any experience in a working life, I don't know how is it like. And I will never know how stress is it to be a good father cum mother. Making sure everything goes well in our life, plan everything for us and try his best to give us everything we want. I guess, I shouldn't even complain about my stress =.= It's like comparing a dot and a ball @.@

Anyway,cotton candy has made my day. :) Hereby, I hope everybody will be free from stress and have a sweet dream, sleep tight ya'all. Don't let the bed bug bite you :) Good night *hugs*

I tried to smile. haha, it turned out to be like this. Too lazy to retake another photo. So this is it.. :p Look at those eye bags. OMG

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm back :D

Hi peeps, miss me much? I'm finally back from Singapore and Johor. Had lots of fun there. It was a very great experience. And it's my first time wearing my new costume... kekekekeke XD How do you like it? XD. Do stay tuned for more :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Messed up life

Found this when I went shopping in the flea market yesterday..
Super duper adorable !!!! hahahaha.. I'm going to wear it everyday :D

Oh ya, I finally got my dance costume from china... weeeeeeee~~ Very excited and nervous too. My costume is quite heavy where I might not be able to move that smooth. =.= At least it is something I designed. We all thought it will turn out odd cause I'm always have weird taste but god bless it turns out almost like what I expected.

Competition is just 4 days to go.. And I haven't been practicing. Don't ask me why. I just couldn't practice when I was trying very hard to correct our steps and mark the steps in order to improve our dance. While he did not really accept any advice and insist to go on his way. What can I do? practically nothing.

I knew when things come to this stage, is doesn't look good. As competition is less than a week and we are arguing over something like these. Not matured enough I guess. But anyhow, I would appreciate if you could at least listen to me instead of pushing me away. I guess now you understand how is the feelings when someone totally ignored you. I'm just trying my very best to make things better, but it turns out the other way round.

yea, a lot of people will think that it's my problem as I have very bad temper. But you guys don't understand. It's a partnership. It should be two person working together, co-operating to create a better result. I admitted that my enthusiasm towards dancing was affected by this but I really love dancing, and I do not want any of these to affect it. I finally found something I can attached to, and really love doing it. Hence,I will do whatever to get over this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Memories That Speak

My life is in a mess when I have lots of holidays but nothing for me to be attached. This is how I pass my days recently.

wake up early in the morning -- fetch Bel to school -- come back home and continue sleeping -- wake up around 1pm to fetch Bel -- come back and continue sleeping.. AGAIN !! -- wake up for dinner and go for dance practice -- come back around 12am -- SLEEP =.= What a day :p

Today, when I was arranging my cabinet, I found some old albums. So I scanned them into my PC. Flipping through all those photos, they made me recalled back all the good and bad memories I had when I was younger and some memories that I could barely remember.. :p

Something to share :) Have fun ..

haha, Halloween :p
I was at US that time.. Didn't know I was so coward.. Who knows?
Now I'm in love with all the terror, horror and thrilling movie :3

Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?
This is definitely a classic one.. Always love this :)

Ahhhh, one of my fagvorite photo.. :p
See if you can spot the middle finger that I'm pointing with my kung fu pose.

Taaaadaaa ~ They were gone now, but I was there :)

haha, lovely garbage bag :p it's Halloween.

See if you could remember them :p
It's Bel and my god-brother kasper :)

It's the King and the princess :)
Errrr 7 year old birthday ? Count the candles :p

<3 this.. by adding a fire torch and book i think I will look more alike..

Recharging my power....

hahahahahhahahahha.. I should take one of their recent photos and post it here..
Obviously the very "IN" one is my dad.. lmao

omg, already think of killing myself at that age..

My beloved queen :)
See how gorgeous she was..
Love her style, maybe I should get some similar outfits and take a photo, see if we both look alike :p

Have a great day ahead.
I'm so sleepy, gotta get back to bed again .. :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Bee Hunter

We were happily watching TV in the living room and all a sudden, my lovely maid came to close all the windows and doors. She was wearing soooo many layers of clothes and all of them were long sleeves.. We were like :" Huh? What happened? Fever?". She then told us that there was a huge bee hive at the back yard.

Of course both of us went to busybody. I took my scarfs and wrapped myself like a dumpling so I can watch the "show" without worrying about the bee sting. :p Of course, I just stood there and watch the show while Bel and Maria were risking themselves with the bees.. XD

After both of them finished protecting themselves with lots of clothes and cloths, here come the battle.. XD
Bel took down the bee hive with a stick while Maria was spraying "Shieldtox - For cockroaches".=.=" I had no idea why they use Shieldtox. But apparently, it works. Bees were flying here and there. And Maria kept spraying Shieldtox here and there. Bel was shouting and jumping and do whatever she could think of the make sure the bee stayed away from her. I'm not sure if we should stood still or do whatever to get rid of them. But all I know was I am already standing behind the window looking at them.. hahaha.. Useless me. =x

Taaaadaaaaaaaaa.. The Tan's 100% pure honey.... Anyone interested? Only produce twice a year. This is the average amount of bee hives we have per year.. XD


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freddy VS Reanne

My face actually looks like this a few hours ago... GROSSSSSSSSS !!!
I have no idea what happened.. Apparently, its more like a few hundreds of mosquito bites... :(
Some said it was allergy, some said it was " fong mok" . No idea what is that.. but luckily it went down after a few hours.. XD
Thanks for all those advise.. ahhaha
I was so freaked out when I saw myself in the mirror... @..@"
Thank god they left no scars... damn scary~

Time to sleep.. gd nights... *hugs*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Becoming "lum ahhh chan"

Hello peeps :)
How do you like my roundish nerdy specs?.. hahahaha.. Weird? Ya, I am :p
I actually wanted to tie 2 ponytails at both side but I figured out people will think that I'm a freak so haha I better stay with this. XD
Finally got my new costume fixed today. Still need to do a slight adjustment and I'm done :)

I actually went Google-ing while I was waiting for dinner earlier. Checking out the streets around my university and I noticed that they practically have nothing over there.. Not a single shopping complex... FML! I did check out the school societies but none of them attracted me... Kill me =.=

My University is a city campus. So uhm, I won't have large green field where you always see from stock photos with students sitting under the trees and read their books.. :( I also won't have very gorgeously huge lobby nor any campus life... ishhhhh :( Madly sad T_T

I really hope to continue my latin dance after I go to UK. I wouldn't want to waste all the times I've spent on practicing and classes. I love dancing and they really could bring me to a state of mind where I feel peace, stress-less and really really happy :D

Oh ya, I was thinking of getting a camera.. teeeeeheeee~
Yea I knew I just got my Diana F+, but I still need a normal camera.. I don't demand a DSLR.
But I was thinking either Lumix GF1? Lumix LX3? Ricoh Caplio GX200?? haha I'm not a fan of any Sony or Canon camera.. So uhm do let me know if you have any suggestions.. Appreciates them <3 style="text-align: center;">
Aren't they adorable???
How I wish I could own this Fluffy-Puffy-Bunny-Bum Bum :D
hahahaha.. But only when they are babies :)
Unless they are miniature or dwarfs.. :p

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Had a nice day :)

Worked half day again :p Have to fetch Bel.. What to do...kekekeke XD I'm her private chauffeur *wink*.

Went to Pyramid to meet Chie. Wanted to watch movie but most of the movie only left with front seats :( So we ended up slacking around the mall and ended up at Snowflakes in SJ.

It was fun. I promise I'll try to schedule a weekend for Genting.. :p Have to check with my secretary. ngiek ngiek.

Anyway, my old buddy, Byron went up to Genting and told me that there is no more seahorses :( I missed it !!!! arghhhh~~~ Anyway, that is very sweet of you to check it out for me and also remember that I wanted that seahorse so desperately.. THANKS :D

It's been a long time since we last hanging out. Though it's just a simple dinner and crapping around. It lighten up my day :) Thanks..

The sailor that walks under the rain

I woke up with swollen eyes and I'm late for work.. Didn't really have time to blow and curl my hair so uhm this is it.. What a random-weirdo-hairdo I have there XD Dad was like :" Wow~ You look different today =.=" hahahaha who cares? I thought I'm weird everyday??? :p

Love Bel's new shoe.... NAISSSSSS :) It looks like Birkenstock but it's BARCO. Super comfy... And it fits so well with my outfit today... The shoe is loveeeee <3

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Oh no It's raining.... RUN~
I know I look very weird and I'm very ugly in this photo.. but I love it.. It's natural...:)
*ps Poco is still wandering around.. XD

Okay obviously she is not suitable for flat.. Looks kinda weird.. :D

Ana ana... Showing off her new buy. Love the shirt too.. It brighten up her very-dull-wardrobe. :)

My life is a mess recently, woke up late (yea, I'm always late to work) & sleep very late almost everyday. All I do at home is to munch all the junk food I top up every 2 days and watching all the old movies in my lappie.

I couldn't wait for my latin costume to arrive from China.. I don't expect too much but all I hope is it doesn't have too much problems when it arrives... *pray pray pray*

Oh ya, I just received the letter from my company and have sent my evaluation form to my principal, now all I could do is to pray hard for my results :)

I ruined my header :( *sobs.. Can anyone teach me how to align it back to center? I tried everything I knew but I couldn't fix it :(

*I will try my best, I promise.. I will not give up.. I will go through all the obstacles and work hard for it... Victory here I come :)