Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ilfracombe, Devon

With all the riots and looting going on in London, it's a good time to go off for a relaxing weekend getaway.
Wanted to go to Cornwall at first but then due to some minor issues we changed the plan and decided to go to Ilfracombe.
At first, I thought it will be a boring holiday cause i don't do relaxing and sight seeing holidays that much. I always go for adventurous and exciting ones.. :P But it turned out to be really good. Maybe I needed that break, that getaway from all the stress and polluted environment.
Although the weather ain't as good as we expected, but nothing stop us. We still managed to have fun ! Food are really good there, price are sooooo reasonable. Double booze only cost 2 pounds !!!! In London it will probably cost 8 pounds?? lol
I'll leave the rest of the descriptions to the pictures. Don't want to nag too much here..  :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I have a dream

I have a dream. A dream that I never want to tell anyone cause I used to think everyone is going to laugh at me.
But come to think of it now, it's not funny after all. It's my dream. :)
For those who knew me in person, you might never expect this.
But here it is, I'm spitting it out :P
My dream is to surf.. I want to go to South Africa for the summer just to learn how to surf. I've never had a chance to actually learn how to surf when I was younger. Wave back home ain't big enough for surfing. I'm turning 22 soon. I know it might be a bit late to learn how to surf, but nothing is too late if you really want it.
I love the sun and the ocean. Just came back from Napa a month ago and I've already want to go back again. Actually don't mind working there for the summer. But well I have to come back to the reality after all. Got a job in an interior design company as an intern and doing a project for an ocean villa in Jamaica. Actually made me want to go back even more.
You might be wondering, why South Africa? Well, I always wanted to go there. I want to get to know that place, get to explore it. I knew there are lots of nice beaches and bays over there. Love the culture too! I know when it comes to surfing everyone will think of Australia, California etc.. But I just want to go South Africa.
I'm not those kind of person that is willing to sit in the office from 9-5. I'm a free spirit. I might sound too young to actually say this. Who knows what will happen in 5 years time. I might be a mum of 3 kids. But that is not I really want :S I wish I'm far far away from where I am now, perhaps travel to many places that I can't finish telling all the stories in one night?
I live my life once, I really want to make full use of it before it ends.
I know people always say, work hard and earn more money and you get to do what you want after. What if I worked really hard and only get slightly wealthy when i was in my 40? can I still learn how to surf? I doubt so.
I know it's too early to actually say anything. But it's a dream, and I never give up !
Hopefully I'll be able to learn how to surf end of this year. South Africa here I come :)