Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ilfracombe, Devon

With all the riots and looting going on in London, it's a good time to go off for a relaxing weekend getaway.
Wanted to go to Cornwall at first but then due to some minor issues we changed the plan and decided to go to Ilfracombe.
At first, I thought it will be a boring holiday cause i don't do relaxing and sight seeing holidays that much. I always go for adventurous and exciting ones.. :P But it turned out to be really good. Maybe I needed that break, that getaway from all the stress and polluted environment.
Although the weather ain't as good as we expected, but nothing stop us. We still managed to have fun ! Food are really good there, price are sooooo reasonable. Double booze only cost 2 pounds !!!! In London it will probably cost 8 pounds?? lol
I'll leave the rest of the descriptions to the pictures. Don't want to nag too much here..  :)

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