Friday, July 31, 2009

.... We've got issue~

Hmmmmm sem break is just 2 weeks away. That means final presentation is coming soon too.
Time passes very very fast.. Its like Shhhsssshh and its August. I still can remember the day I was making mooncake with Bel and mooncake festival is coming soon again. wow.. thats really really fast.

Ahha~ lets see what can I plan for my sem break:
- Going to restock my clothes and shop for more design, in the meantime travelling around and eat eat eat !!!
- Going to redesign and renovate my room.. Paint it PINKER than the original baby pink.. I'll add some wallpaper and draw something on them.
- TIdy my clothes, give out all the unwanted or maybe buy a new wardrobe? LOL.. dad will definately kill me.. XD
-Buy new furniture for my room.. that will cost me a BOOM.. sigh..
-Go penang and visit Jenn if I could. hmm and of course the local food over there.. =p
-Propose a brand new interior design for my house ( I promised dad cause Bel and I are leaving to overseas soon).
-FInd some jobs... desperately need them for extra pocket money and expenses..

That's all i think... Let's just see if I can do it all first =3

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Having Fun while rushing my 3D.. haha

Have Fun~ ngiek ngiek XDeverybody look so tense.

my cute little pink hippo ^^

i stole bel's froggie.. haha

LOL... uncle max

She will kill me when she saw this

he is teaching us about the lighting and I'm playing with my hippo. XD

Waiting for my 3D max to render... SUPER LAG.. argh!!!

Hippo & Froggie

Uncle Max is correcting my lighting but I'm still playing with the hippo ><

Bah~ I wish I could just have a rest from all the 3D thingy..

HaHa I'm lame.. everybody is rushing their ass off for the internal presentation this thursday.. And I'm snaping photos of my pink hippo and Bel's froggie.. while waiting for my 3d to render.. But who cares. If I keep continue doing without having some rest.. I might going nuts.. haha

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Been suffering with toothache for like a month... Whenever I drink hot or cold drinks, my little vampire tooth will pain till it numbs. So, I went to the dentist today (was forced..><).. I always hate doctors. Cause I'm afraid of them, especially dentist. =.=" Luckily dad dropped us and went home to get Bel's retainer.. I knew my little vampire tooth is not just a normal tooth decay, so I quickly asked the dentist to give me 3 japs of pain killer at all side so that I won't suffer from any pain when she is drilling and doing stuff with my tooth. (haha, how clever I am.. I did it when dad was away, so when he came back, he won't scold me from shouting and crying in the room due to the pain).. The doctor made some check up on that tooth. She drilled all the way down and told me that 60% of my tooth is gone, and I should hope that it doesn't went down to the nerves.. OMG. While she was drilling my tooth, I can taste that blood is flowing non stop from my gum. She told me that I can even see my gum and asked me if I wanna have a look. Ham and Bel was all in a shock looking at the nerves.. I'm glad that I didn't peek from the mirror. Must be GROCE.. After 1 hour of drilling and filling, I got 5 japs of pain killer (cause I'm not someone that can stand any pain.. I need them ) and blood flowing non stop from the nerves that the doctor drilled into. And the conclusion is, I still need to wait for 2 weeks and see if my tooth still ache, if it is still the same, that means I need to remove the nerves (which is damn damn damn pain..some surgery kinda stuff) and I will lose the tooth... omg. *please pray hard for me and hope that my little vampire tooth will recover and I can still keep it * T_T

Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday on the way back from Sunway Pyramid, dad asked me why I seldom hang out with my classmates. Hmmmm, if he didn't ask me, I'll never noticed that its been a long time since I hang out with them... LOL.. I know this sounds like I only find them when I need them. But, I see them everyday, just that we are not that close after some conflicts in the class >< Well, I think I should plan something this sem break.. wakakaka XD After those incident, I thought things can get back like the past, but the truth is people will never forget the past, especially the bad ones. No matter how hard we try to patch back, it seemed useless..
All I hope is we all can be crazy like usual, do all the crazy stuff together, laugh at each other.. "being sarcastic" and bully the weaks.. lol we are so bad But at least I did my best, no matter what happened, I'm still there for you guys. love ya all <3

Monday, July 6, 2009

I miss you !!

We talked about you today, they wonder what kind of person am I if you are here. How would my life be? Will I be a spoiled girl? or will I be better? I would like to know that.
How I wish we can go shopping together.. go for hi-tea as you usually did.
How I wish you can prepare our dinner everyday when we go home.
How I wish you are with me when I'm sad.
How I wish you are here to listen all my thoughts.
How I wish you are here to see both of us grew up to be teenagers.

How I wish you are here with us now.