Monday, March 29, 2010

My soul has taken away from my shell.

My eyes swell like I never had before.
Am I supposed to be happy or sad now. I'm pretty confused about it.
Reanne is no longer exist. I'm just a girl with a hollow soul.
How I wish you could be here with me.

I don't want this to happen.
I don't want to know the truth.
I don't want to overcome this alone.
I don't want to see you cry.
I'm sorry

I'm not strong. Not at all.

I cried.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The retard me =x

It's earth hour !!~
Well, they said you should save the power and switch off the light.
So, I went to Mont Kiara and hang out @ starbucks with Bel, Claudia and Chee Chan.
Was suppose to go back my house in Mont Kiara, but then I was busy playing with the funny webcam thingy until 12am >.< *childish*
I was laughing so loud and I knew everyone was looking at me..
Who cares !~ =P i'm having fun *wink*
Dad made us very rich dinner. All of us were so full and satisfied.
Sorry for this stupid post, I just wanna post this photo up XD
Not going to talk much.

Will upload the rest of the photos asap.
gtg, Buaiss people, xoxo.

Friday, March 26, 2010

You tore me apart..

I guess the only time I could blog is during office hours. Do not blame me for doing this. I knew it’s really wrong to do personal stuff during office hours. But try to think this way, I have nothing to do here and when I’m bored I’ll feel like sleeping. Sleeping is even worse !!

Speaking of sleeping, I was rendering my 3D yesterday and I fall asleep on my chair. My boss was called me and I was like :” HA? YES YES !”. DAMN !! Embarrassing max. I guess he will be thinking :” What is she doing here, besides sleeping and surfing the net, SHE IS DOING NOTHING !”. :(

You asked me to render a series of dry kitchen for an upcoming project. I rendered overnight on Wednesday until 3am yesterday. I did not sleep for like 30+ hours just to render this shit. And not to forget I went for dance practice every night. Until today, I came to office and found out that he asked Max to edit some jpeg which was actually the projects I’m rendering. So pissed off. Seriously sad about this.

I’ve been rendering non-stop just to submit everything on time. But apparently, you guys already rendered everything out. I knew I’m pretty useless here. But I asked you that day, is there anything I could help because I’m really sick of just sitting down. You gave me this and I’m really happy and excited. I don’t mind not sleeping just to render all these. BUT NOW I FOUND OUT THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY ASKING ME TO DO SOMETHING THAT IS ALREADY DONE. You made me look like a fool man. This is not good.

I don’t know if I should feel glad that I’m free or should be sad that they might think I’m not capable of doing any work. I kept telling myself not to think that much. I might be over-concerned about these. But now everything was PROVED. Really hate you guys. You guys brought me down. You took away my excitement and interest in work. I’ve lost my aggressiveness in this office. I guess I should just fucking sit down and do nothing.

One little hollow sotong in the office.


Luckily I could do something I really like every night. Been practicing my dance routine every night in studio. I have lots of upcoming activities and I’m really excited about that (yea, I get excited on everything easily >.< ) . Only when I’m dancing, I could forget about everything and just sway and move with the music. We crap a lot, we laugh at anything, we gossip and we love dancing XD

Here are the upcoming events that I’ll be participated in:

11/4 KLDA Dance competiton

17/4 Danceworld dance party

2/5 Penang dance competition

9/5 ADC dance completion @ Shah Alam

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cry me out...

I've been complaning about my internship most of the time. I knew I couldn't say much about them. I'm the one who chose it. I have to deal with it now. But then at the very beginning, I was told that this was an interior design company. But it turned out to be an interior construction company, and they don't even have any interior design division. All they do is just kitchen, and yet modular kitchen which means all the design and measurement are fixed and it doesn't require any design on it. All you need to do is just fit in the kitchen into the given space. THAT'S IT ! (Frankly, I have no idea why do they need us here, as a 3D renderer?)

I'm starting to get used to just rendering and fairly doing nothing. But today, I felt so useless here. Although they only pass us their kitchen design and ask us to render, or maybe help out on presentation board. Did I mentioned us? Nah, It's only Max whom they will pass it to. I'm not being jealousy here. I just think it's unfair. He has to render all the 3D alone till midnight or even not sleeping. Me? Just sitting down and not doing anything. Like a vase.

It's not like I did not ask them is there anything I could help. But apparently my attempts always fail. They will tell me it's okay or just say no to me. But whenever they have a new projects, the first one they go to will be Max. I can't help him his work because it will be in the same area. The material and lighting might not be the same.

How I wish I could just tell them I quit and get away from here. I'm insulted. If you don't like my render, tell me. I'm here to learn and to improve. Not to sit down here doing nothing and try not to fall asleep.

I couldn't believe that I'm crying over these. I knew for sure my marks and results will be affected. How are you going to grade someone that is not doing anything? For sure my marks will be super low, nevertheless they will have no idea what to write on my reference letter. But is it my fault that I will get low grades in my internship training? Did I not trying to help out? No, its obviously not my fault and yes I wanted to help but apparently I'm not welcomed here.


Friday, March 19, 2010

The recent me

What am I upto recently? frankly, nothing special.. I'm like a robot, doing my daily routines, work work work.. Except for one thing which is something I won't feel tired doing it --- Dancing.

Not going to say much about my job.. Work sucks.. It's been 3 weeks and I'm still sitting and waiting for the time strike 530pm. At least Max is better, he gets to render 3D.

Speaking of dancing, I decided to take part at 2 dance competition.. One is in Shah Alam and another one will be in Penang. And my new partner will be ......*TAAADAAAA* Mr. Thomas. haha. Hope we could make a great dance partners.

He of course has to cut down on food and do more exercise. It's a must. But from what I see, he is doing really good. Good luck and thanks for the hard work.. Promise will belanja you right after the competition :)

I am going to take part at the ladies event too. It's my first time, but no harm trying. It sounds fun to me. haha Imagine 2 ladies wearing ladies constume and dance together. Kinda funny but it might turn out nice. My lady dance partner will be ms. sweetie Hollie :) Hope that we can get along well and dance the floor out *dreaming* hahaha..

Regarding my further studies, 30% of it were done.. Left with the visa applications and the offer letter from them. Not to forget our model making and internship training transcript. I have no hope at both of the subjects. Our model are way toooo late for submission and we haven't get it done yet. Internship? I don't think I can get high grades by not doing anything in the office..

I think that's it for the updates of me recently. Will be back soon (i hope). My line sucks here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Boring week :(

Bah~ I've always wanted to post.. But I don't have internet connection at home.. :( My office blocked all the FB and blogger. So I have to be "thick face" and asked for IP address from someone I don't know just to get online in the sky lounge.. Luckily he is a kind person.. haha thanks Mr. Anonymous :)
Not going to say much though.. Pictures say a thousand words (maybe not mine XD I'm a sucky photographer )

I look weird.. Like I'm about to kill someone.. haha *evil face* *grin*

Nana & Maria

Uncle & Auntie

Bel which part of you look Hawaiian? Your head looks like INDIAN >.<
You see, the auntie behind you STUNNED.
Mandy & Papa

Aunt, Sotong & Claudia

Sotong papa & Baby sotong

@ Sky Lounge

~ Sweet Couples ~

The Pool Player.. wahsey.. Poser poser poser

Yen Huey's birthday cake

take 1 - I'm so happy

Take 2 - My mouth is so tired d..

take 3- Not enough yet???

take 4 - Finally I can cut my cake


thanks for coming guys :)

Teaching the kids to gamble

This is how sotong look at home. Well I'm not wearing a pj. It happened to be a long dress for the Hawaiian Themed Party

Concentrating on their game

Bought two flats.. Fairly cheap. haha.. love the bow but I pulled out the cystal thingy.

Last but not least, Thanks chie for accompanying me.. haha.. or else I'll be bored to death.. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working life sucks

Day before yesterday was my first day in internship training. It was full of excitement at first. But once I was brief with the project that the company did, I'm totally disappointed with it. It was an Interior Construction company that I went in to. They only do Kitchen and Wardrobe. Damn I HATE KITCHEN !! Nevertheless, their kitchen are all fixed design and measurement, all they did is to fit in the space given.

The first day sucks. I was sitting at my table from 9am to 1pm(Lunchtime) and then 2pm to 6pm. In the meantime I also do arranged some materials and that's it.. I called it a day .. grrrrr I hate it when I have nothing to do.. It makes me sleepy.

The second day was better. I sat from 9am till 1pm and after lunch I was given a task that was not under my field.Anyway our job title are PROJECT SALES instead of INTERIOR DESIGNER. I was told to design a Exhibition Panel for a client in Dubai using Illustrator and Photoshop. The given laptop has Illustrator but it couldn't save. >.<>

Today was the third day, I knew I shouldn't blog during office hour. I'm way to sleepy and totally sick of looking at the Illustrator and Photoshop :( I was blogging half way and many of the colleagues rushed down. Everyone was shouting SUMMONS SUMMONS. haha and of course I'm one of the them that doesn't pay the parking ticket. Grabbed my purse and car key and ran to my car. Luckily I managed to get to my car before the bandaraya do.

Better get back to work.. bye :(

Still have time to camwhore using my webcam. geng~ Shhhhh Gotta go.. bye