Sunday, March 28, 2010

The retard me =x

It's earth hour !!~
Well, they said you should save the power and switch off the light.
So, I went to Mont Kiara and hang out @ starbucks with Bel, Claudia and Chee Chan.
Was suppose to go back my house in Mont Kiara, but then I was busy playing with the funny webcam thingy until 12am >.< *childish*
I was laughing so loud and I knew everyone was looking at me..
Who cares !~ =P i'm having fun *wink*
Dad made us very rich dinner. All of us were so full and satisfied.
Sorry for this stupid post, I just wanna post this photo up XD
Not going to talk much.

Will upload the rest of the photos asap.
gtg, Buaiss people, xoxo.

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