Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY Ruffly Head Accessories

Sorry for posting this soooooo late.. Due to all the pains and surgeries, I only managed to post this now :( As some of you knew I'm not someone that really do housework and yea I'm not good with needles and thread so uhm bare with me in this post kay :p They said I have to learn how to sew in order to study fashion design so here I am, trying very hard XD Have fun aight :)

Well it looks a bit "cacat" to me, but I kinda love it :)
I love how it falls on my hair.... cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3

Okay, here goes the tutorial.
have fun peeps~!

1 : Ribbon, any sizes. Here I'm using 1.5cm.
2 : Thread
3 : Scissors
4: Net (cut the fabric into squares) I cut them into 2inches x 2inches, you can cut them gradually, doesn't really need to be that accurate
5: light fabric ( using light weight cotton here) Don't use chiffon, I tried but it doesn't turn out nice.
6 : Needles

*Ignore my nails please*

1 : take one piece on the cotton fabric and pinch into a petal or form a bud.
2 : Then, take the net and do the same thing, wrap the first bud. (I put both fabric and pinch together...*lazy*)
3 : Measure your desire length of ribbons, and sew the fabric bud against the ribbon. ( I did not start in the middle of the ribbon because you won't be wearing it on top of your head, so sew it slightly left or right.)
4 : continue sewing the rest of the buds accordingly but remember to leave some space in between each buds. If you prefer to have a loose ruffly effect, offset the distance more. If you are using a bigger size ribbon, you might need to sew 2 or 3 buds in a row.
5 : All the buds are to be sewn in ONE DIRECTION. Keep adding buds until you think that it's enough.
6 : You can trim the fabric as you can see from the pictures above that the edges are kinda messy. but I leave it that way because it looks fine to me, and I like the way the thread came off from the fabric.

Okay, that's all for the tutorial, I hope this is helpful. Have fun and do drop me a message if you have any question.. ttfn~

*this is a gift I did for Cee, I hope you like it :) Happy belated Birthday...


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday's child is fair of face

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day,
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

I was born on Monday, like my mum. Teacher Nonie said that Monday child is pretty. Partially, it is true. My mum is pretty but me? hahahaha. don't think so :p Bel was born on Wednesday; Wednesday's child is full of woe. Hmmmmm she can be depressive in times. Dad was born on Thursday; Thursday's child has far to go. BINGO ~! Dad travels a lot.. Try it out peeps, see if this poem works on you :) Have fun...

Today, I went shopping alone. I have never been shopping alone because I rely on my friends and family a lot. I need their opinion when it comes to shopping. But today, I went shopping the whole day BY MYSELF. Was supposed to get only my things but I ended up shopping the whole day. It was fun though, cause you get to shop till you drop and no one will stop you :p But well in the other hand, it's a bad thing too, you get to shop till you BROKE !! XD

Finally bought my 38mm tongs.. hahahhaha. Yeeeeepeeeeee. Wanted to get some high waist shorts but then I realized that after the pains and surgeries, suffering from my stupid jaw I lost some weights. I'm supposed to be happy but I wasn't. Not trying to brag about it or what. My butt is flat, I look so awful wearing a pants. I couldn't get a f*ing shorts. I can't even wear singlets, the rack of bones is so obvious. zzzz but my face is still bloated and swell. They just couldn't go away. Aside from that, my tummy is getting bigger, probably because of the excessive intake of ice creams. :p sigh~ better get back on my dance practice, I've stopped since the last competition. Tomorrow is finally my last day on internship training, after that I can head back to the gym and back to tanning and swimming.. yay~!

I need jobsssss, anyone with events jobs or any freelance job please contact me :( thanks

Good night and sweet dreams :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brownies Obsession

I'm soooooooo in with my Diana F..xoxoxoxoxo
I bring her anywhere I go and I already finished up sooooo many films... *broke*
But I'm still a beginner, more to lear n :D
Can't wait to send all the photos to develop. Maybe I screwed up all the films... XD

Yay~! Finally went for my brownies :) Wanted Mocha Mudpie but they don't have it... sobssssss :( I don't care, Mocha mudpie next weekend. This is the best thing I ever had after my surgery. Something that is not tasteless and disgusting :D
Ice creams every meal, cause that is the best thing I could find in a liquid diet.. :p Gaining weight like nobody else business.
I know it's super duper sweet but well, I told you I have a sweet tooth *wink*
And yeah, I know I still look BLOATED. I have no idea when will all the swells go off. So bare with all the photos, I can't really smile widely :p

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My hair still look very long right?? Sigh, can't wait till I get my 38mm tongs... I want it now !!!!!
Urghhhhhhhh~Have to work tomorrow. How i wish my internship ends yesterday :(
Have to sleep now. Good Night peeps. xoxo

*ps : Fall in ♥ with the boyfriend blazer I saw in Zara. Where can I get nice blazer??

Friday, May 28, 2010

CHOP CHOP a thousand strands

Finally got the guts to cut my hair. It's short now. Don't ask me why I cut it short. >.< It used to be on my hips and now it's above my shoulder. Kinda love it though, hahaha. Something new :)
Thanks Karen <33333 I went to try my tongs on the end so it went super curl.. zzzzz. The end supposed to be curling in but my cacat tongs spoil the whole thing. It will be above the shoulder after I curl it in. :)

*ps the end wasn't curl =.= the kepo sotong went to curl it XD

Monday, May 24, 2010

The jaw that bite

Hi peeps, i'm back :)
Back without a good condition cause I can't really talk and eat now. :(
Okay, first of all, As you guys knew, I went for my surgery and that made me came up with a conclusion. When a doctor says "it's not painful" please do expect a slight pain, if the doctor says "it's a bit pain" please beware!!! It will be "SUPER DUPER CHERRY BERRY EFFING PAIN"...

Before the surgery,I had 18 japs. Well I only had 9 at first but then the surgeon added another 9 of anesthetic japs due to the fear and tears I had that day(I think he knew the pain I could stand was 0). Gosh luckily dad was there to let me grab his hand during all those japs. Then he was asked to leave the room :( The doctor also told us the risks.....
-might suffer with temporary or permanent numbness at the tongue, cheeks, gum and lips.(only on the gum and tongue, hopefully they will go off soon)
-might have discoloration on the face (so far still okay)
-might have side effect, such as headache (still having it)
-might not able to taste move the tongue permanently or temporary (I still couldn't move it, I hope it's tempo)

I couldn't really see what happened in my mouth, all I could hear were the sounds of drilling, slicing, sawing, cutting, sewing and hell no that is not something you ever heard from a normal dental check-up. Oh ya, when he extracted one of my wisdom tooth, the blood splashed all over his glove, and I think all over my face, it's like a broken tap water. I almost fainted looking at it. I used to have 30 teeth, now I'm left with 22. =.= BOH GEH !!!! I swear if I would ever go through this kinda surgery again, I rather die. Trust me when I say it, I meant it.

The surgery was fast, about an hour-plus and it's done. When dad was asked to come in and have a look, I could see how shocked he was looking at me. I guess I looked bad that time. Dad said I was soooooooooooo pale and I barely could walk in a straight line. He had to hold me all the way to his car. Went home and I was in a HUGE pain (no kidding), I couldn't sleep and I feel dizzy whenever I stood up. I had 2 ponstan but they couldn't help at all. So I took another super strong painkiller by the name of --COD. Well, it took around 2 hours and I was in my deep sleep till the next morning. I slept at the guestroom cause I couldn't walk upstairs and because dad need to wake me up for meds. I woke up the next day trying to grab a drink and I fainted in front of the door instanly =.= My maid saw me and pull me over the couch, while poco thought I was playing with him @.@"

They fed me porridge water WITHOUT PORRIDGE. zzzzz It's worse than any other liquid diet I took.. and I have to wait till it's cool. Yucksssssssss. I rather starve myself but Bel and dad made me finished those yucky-so-called-porridge-water. And yeah, I went Pavillion yesterday, with all the swollen face and pains, I took painkillers so uhm it's numb.I had to put on blusher so I don't look like a vampire with swollen face(but when I got back I noticed I could barely remove my make up... PAIN). We went for ice creams and snowflakes.. haha that's all I could have for my meals. Couldn't walk much though, will get dizzy when I walked up or down. Thanks Cee for accompanying me. Thanks bel for buying me that adorable sotong, love it:) (*ps though you was there for a short while, I knew you were busy but you drove me there and accompany me till Cee arrived, thanks ^^)

My dad was worried, he was like my 24/7 nurse.. He boiled porridge water without porridge, barley without barley and he even remember when and what should I take for my meds.He checked me out like every 5mins? haha.. He even came by my office and brought me for lunch. Bel was caring too, She fed me toufu and that stupid tiny piece of toufu stucked at my wounds.. >.<" She then bought me soup, and she also brought another bowl to let the soup cool down faster (awwwww, how sweet...). She even double checked my soup to make sure it's safe to drink XD A big thanks to you both, muacks <3

awwww it took so many leave within this month, I hope I won't fail because of this :(

haha, I knew I shouldn't post this disgusting photo but yeaaaaa this is me after my surgery. Everyone laughed =.=
Bel thought I was biting cotton buds but I'm not >.< " **forgive me for such a long post. I couldn't talk that's why I posted this.. haha.. Have fun.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The imperfect jaw

In a short while more, I'm going for my surgery. I'm actually very very very nervous and worried about it. I knew I will not feel any pain during the surgery but then I still couldn't accept the fact that the doctor is going to insert all his tools into my mouth for so many hours and I COULD HEAR THE SOUNDS !!! How I wish I could be in my deep dream when the doctor is doing it.. Due to a lot of reasons, I have to stay awake bla bla bla during the surgery. sigh~ Hopefully everything will be fine *pray pray pray*

But the good thing is I'm not going through all the swollen jaw anymore and I'm able to eat NORMALLY. But of course, I can't be eating anything except for Ice cream and jelly for the next couple of weeks. Well, what to do. >.<

Thanks for all the wishes and concerns my friends. Appreciate them a lot.. :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lovely Touch ♥

credited to Bel ♥♥ She loves this.. I love it too.. thx

This was random. But it's nice.

"I love life because what more is there." Anthony Hopkins

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Hello peeps ~!

It's only 2 more weeks to finish my internship training and well I knew I've been complaining a lot about it. Bare with it. Working life ain't that fancy as I thought when I was in college (though it is not really a job but it sucks too). After 2 weeks, i can do whatever I want, I have plenty of time. And I better start planning on what to do now..:p

As you guys knew, I have a swollen jaw since last week and it wasn't getting any better :( Went to another doctor and I'm getting 4 minor surgeries on Saturday !!! As surgery I mean stiches, blood, pain and the worst thing --- DOCTOR !! Yea, I'm always afraid of doctor, always will forever will. Stop saying that all these are only because of what my mind thinks.. DUH~~ nono.. it's not.. Imagine if you are afraid of height and I ask you to stand on top of a cliff and tell you all these are just mind set. I guess you will probably fainted or suffocated by then XD So just bare with all the shouting and complaints. I did piercing , I did my tattoo and I knew it supposed to be scarier but it wasn't to me. I just dislike medical stuff, medicines, needles, japs, clinics, nurses and DOCTORS. If a doctor were to do a piercing on me, I swear I will shout my lungs out too. So how about asking the piercer to do the surgery for me? hahahah >.<

Can't wait to go shopping this weekend.. hahahaha. Been busy with competitions, practices and my work. So here I come... *purse crying* Hopefully I still can go this Sunday. I don't care, I want to go. And yea, please bring me for ice creams... :p


Monday, May 17, 2010

It wasn't that hard to be happy :)

I was supposed to post this on Friday itself but I got home around 2am, went out on Saturday, Slept the whole Sunday and uhm here I am again posting during office hour (p.s when I don't have work to do of course XD)

Friday was fun. it's been a long time since we 3 went out to catch a movie. So we decided to go to TGIF for dinner right after my work so I can have my Choco Mudpie ( I still couldn't eat anything hard) and that's one of the restaurant that has TV so that Bel and Dad can watch their super-gan-jiong Thomas Cup badminton tournament. We went there and WAHHHH it was sooooooo packed. So we went down to Chillis, swt it was packed too. You can even see crowds standing outside the restaurant staring at the TV =.= So we went OH SUSHI. Our movie was at 1130pm and it's only 9 something right after we finished our dinner. So we decided to head to TGIF and see if we had chance to get a table, and yeah we managed to get ourselves a table and here I come my beloved MUDPIE.... ngiek ngiek.. XD And of course I'm enjoying my mudpie while the rest of the Tan's family were busy playing with their BlackBerry phone !!!! *envy* yeah yeah, I know I'm not a BlackBerry user but I'm using the so-called-inspired-BB phone --- Nokia E71.. wth.. =3

We watched IPMAN 2.... It was sooooooo nice.. worth watching.. Definitely.. I wouldn't mind watching another time.. So if anyone of you going for that movie, feel free to call me.. XD hahahahahha. Glad that dad love that movie too. Cause normally he doesn't watch love/ horror kinda movie but these kinda fighting movie will definitely catch his eyes. :)

And yeah, I told my dad about my blog and I actually noticed that he was reading my blog with his BlackBerry until the movie started >.<. Well, Bel told me "dai sei" but then wth. i don't care.. :p I write what I like here and I think it's a way to express myself so I'm okay with it.. XD Its a good thing that he can know me more perhaps? think it in a bright way. keke =3

Thanks Aunt Lily and Cee for this gorgeous killer heels.. Love it soooo much and yeah it's no kidding 5-inches heels..!! Really love it much.. thanks thanks..

Have you noticed that my face is kinda bloated.. sob sob.. my stupid jaw..

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am a Chipette :(

The next day after the ADC Amateur League Dance Championships 2010, my left cheek and neck swell like a pig head !!! I woke up and thought I was too heaty or I had a sore throat. I get prepared and noticed that it wasn't just normal sore-throat. I barely could open my mouth to brush my teeth. So, I decided not to go to work and visit the doctor later. When I woke up around 10am, damn my face was just like a chipmunks, it's like storing something besides my cheeks.
Went to the doctor and he said I had "JAW DISLOCATION". We both didn't know how I got that but gosh it was so painful. I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. I had to split it out every few seconds. I took the painkillers the doctor gave me, but it didn't help at all. I was in pain till my dad came back from China and decided to bring me to another doctor the next day.
Daddy brought me to the ENT, Head and Neck specialist and the doctor said I had muscle cramp all over the ear till the neck, that is why I could barely open and move my mouth. But this only happened to one out of a thousand people. A very rare case.. SWEAT. and apparently I'm the very unlucky one.. zzzzzzzz (maybe I talked too much =3 )
Been at home for 3 days not going to office. I think people in the office might be pissed of me cause everyone is rushing for the 3D rendering. so I had to render all the 3D at home and email to them.. i'm sorry. :(

Hopefully, I will recover as soon as possible. I've already started to miss all the food. :( I hate soft food and liquid diet. I couldn't even take a bread.. sigh~ I can't talk, smile, laugh, yawn, sneeze etc. Imagine me writing "haha" with a super solemn face but smiling in the heart. XD
I also hope my jaw alignment will go back on track or else the 3 years with braces will be a waste. :( *pray pray pray*
I look like one of them now.. T_T

What should I call this? Mashed Watermelon. ewwwww it taste so bad although it's still watermelon. I just hate disgusting-looking food.

Chicken soup with no chicken. swt O.O"

Oh ya, stay tuned for my DIY Ruffly headband and belt.
It goes well with any dress and occasion.
And it's easy. As easy I mean minimal sewing.
The cost are cheap too..

~Stay tuned~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday. I did not get to pray my mum or bring my mom some flower. Because I went to the ADC Amateur League Open Dance Championship. This is bad right? I'm sorry mum.

It's been 9 years since my mum passed away. And I still miss her every moments in my life. Every time when I'm doing something or go to somewhere, how I wished she could be here. Be here to enjoy the happy moment, or maybe go through the hard time together. You will never know how much I hoped when I get back home, my mum is waiting for me at the door, telling me that she made me cakes, pies and stuffs. Every time when I do something, I will imagine how will that be when Mum is here with us. I guess it will be fun. Having her around us. We can share the joy and happiness. But these aren't going to happen. I have to accept the fact that she wasn't here anymore. I have to be independent, have to go through everything by myself.

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love to be loved ♥

It was a working day. Ish I hate working Saturday.. :(
But luckily Bel is great enough to accompany me for some shopping spree. I've been tied up with my latin dance competition and works and it's been days since I went to a shopping mall. Haha.

So, we went TGIF for lunch. We actually ordered quite a lot of food. I also ordered my favorite Brownies.. Gosh, it taste sooooooooooooooo damnnnnnn freaking gooooood. It's been awhile since I took sweet food due to my stupid wisdom tooth and I broke the rules today. Who cares, I just love it so much. The caramel and the ice cream melting in your mouth.. Yum Yum :D
We also ignored how much calories we took that meal.. All we enjoyed were the moment we chit chat and those scrumptious food..

We also went shopping. Bel actually went shopping for some DIY stuff. Incredible right. I was pretty shocked too.. But well I'm glad she did that, at least it shows the feminine side of hers.

And I actually finished a whole lomo film there. haha.. Dad will kill me.. =x I can't wait till my film was developed. I wanna see how "good" is my lomo skill.. haha

Am having another dance competition tomorrow. But my leg swelled like a pig leg. Sigh. I couldn't fit my leg into the shoe. Been soaking my legs into hot water everynight and apply medication on it but they did not work. I was thinking of visiting the doctor after this competition but I never knew it will turn that bad.. Sigh~ I could hardly go down the stairs. Wish me luck people. :( Hope I can break a leg in the dance floor. Not breaking "the real ankle". haha..

Check this out. It is a video from the competition in Penang
Click here

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All I want is to be accepted and loved. I really do.

It was the 7th National Ballroom Dancing Championships. It was my 3rd competition and hell yeah I'm enjoying it :) That's not many people who joined this competition but we had fun. Besides preparing for competition we also went for good food in Penang :) And this is the very first time I joined Latin ladies event. My beginner event was kinda unfit cause the cha cha dance was out of pitch, but we managed to get into semi final for Jive. I also got the 3rd place in Ladies latin event. This was so unbelievable. I fell on the dancefloor when I was at the first hit and I sprained my leg. I was so pissedof myself, because I disappointed my partner and I sort of ruined the whole routine. I was so worried. But thanks god. We managed to get into semi-final and final, then the 3rd place. Yay~! And of course thanks for helping me to numb my leg so I can continue dancing. Thanks a lot :)

Eating " Char Kuey Teow" with coffee cups. *fun*

The ladies :)

On the way back. Look at our crowd

William & Luisa Danceworld Rocks

Camwhoring in the escalator ;p

The ladies again

My partners

My lovely partner & me

Thanks for dropping by :)

Taddaaaaaaa~ We got 3rd place in Ladies Latin Event :)
Great job. and let's do the deal this Sunday..