Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brownies Obsession

I'm soooooooo in with my Diana F..xoxoxoxoxo
I bring her anywhere I go and I already finished up sooooo many films... *broke*
But I'm still a beginner, more to lear n :D
Can't wait to send all the photos to develop. Maybe I screwed up all the films... XD

Yay~! Finally went for my brownies :) Wanted Mocha Mudpie but they don't have it... sobssssss :( I don't care, Mocha mudpie next weekend. This is the best thing I ever had after my surgery. Something that is not tasteless and disgusting :D
Ice creams every meal, cause that is the best thing I could find in a liquid diet.. :p Gaining weight like nobody else business.
I know it's super duper sweet but well, I told you I have a sweet tooth *wink*
And yeah, I know I still look BLOATED. I have no idea when will all the swells go off. So bare with all the photos, I can't really smile widely :p

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My hair still look very long right?? Sigh, can't wait till I get my 38mm tongs... I want it now !!!!!
Urghhhhhhhh~Have to work tomorrow. How i wish my internship ends yesterday :(
Have to sleep now. Good Night peeps. xoxo

*ps : Fall in ♥ with the boyfriend blazer I saw in Zara. Where can I get nice blazer??

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