Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Latin dress and Shoes all done. x

Went to get my dress done today..
yeeeeeepeeeeee. finally... x)
sob.. it costs me rm400 T_T
I know its cheap compare to the amateur one..
But who cares.. Im broke... bleh =P
This is the design that I made..
I made it shorter.. Lol.. cause I don't look sexy, so I need some help from the dress.. XD
LOL. my partner chose yellow.. not this yellow but is the highlighter yellow..
I know i know.. You might think :" ewwwwwwww... yucksssssssssssss"
I had the same thought too.. Not until my teacher said that I need sharp and strong colour to stand out.. so bo bian I have to take it.. LOL
I hope I won't look like a banana dancng in the dance floor.. =..=

My leg is so so so so so pain.
We are way too slow compare to the other couples.. T_T
We should have 4 dance routine.. And we only started cha cha, and its only half way thru..
God bless us >.<
We have major all the routine for cha cha by this week. Next week we need to start Jive..
I"m like practicing at least four hour non stop per day..
I hadn't have enough time for my hotel project..
I really need to get some time management done...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harmfu sun, non-long lasting tan. zzz

After so many times of tanning I still look so fair !!!! Grrrrr...
I look like ghost... swt swt swt
Been tanning for like 3 times a week and I still look like this... stupid sun.

Look at this.. this was few months back....
Was in Bintan.. Love my tan back there.. sob T_T

Thanks a lot :)

First of all, thanks for all who texted and called me for my birthday wishes.
Thanks a lot a lot :) muackksss

Besides that, I would like to thank to all those who made my birthday party so successful except for the rain. XD

A big big credit to Sotong's dad
Thanks for paying all the expenses that night.
Thanks for preparing all the foods.
Thanks for rushing here and there for everything.
Thanks for cooking all the good food that night.

Another big credit for my beloved sis : Bel
Thanks for making this party successful.
Thanks for arranging everything.
Thanks for the presents. I knew I made you broke.. thanks a lot
Thanks for all the surprises.
Thanks for being understanding during that period.
Thanks for making this happened.
I love you... always.. xoxo..

A huge credit for my beloved Ham
Thanks for the cake.. It really tastes soooooo good.. I love it
Thanks for helping out that night.
Thanks for all the arrangements.
Thanks for making this happened.
Love you lots.... xoxoxoxo

Credits to all my friends who came
Uncle Max : Thanks for helping out that night.. p.s next time we should use a smaller cup .. hahaha
Wai Leong : LOL.. thanks for helping out too.. & thanks for the help in the game... =D
Yuen Huey : Though you are not here but your wishes are here. thanks. get well soon :)
Sokai & Chloe : Thanks for coming. :) Hope you enjoy the night..thanks a lot a lot
Suk Ping : hahahaha... my tiles... T_T jkjk ... thanks for coming ping ping...
Alfred : Thanks for coming as well.. we really can start up a bbq restaurant.. XD we both are good chef.
Jesx : Thanks for coming even though you are so so busy. Really appreciate that.. XD
Kc & Pearly : Thanks for coming.. I'm sorry if you feel bored.. but thanks a lot for everything.

Thanks for the presents and the surprises too.. :)

Thanks for all my beloved relatives
Thanks for coming and thanks for all the wishes. :)
Thanks for the cake too.. It really tastes soooo good.

Thanks to all my BABES
Thanks dear vic vic
Thanks dear Jennie
Thanks dear Chie
Thanks dear Sherly
I enjoyed yesterday night.
We should really do that more often.. no kidding..
p.s Sherly, make sure you can make it next time.. wakakakka =D
Love ya lots... xoxoxo

p.s ****I would like to thanks to a special friend of mine, Thanks for your flowers. I'm really surprise.. :) hugsss

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Sotong

It's my 20th birthday~
But I'm not as excited as I was expected.
Seriously, I don't really longed for this day to come..
Not because I don't want to grow up.
Something just happened that made me don't feel like having a party.
At first, I was pretty happy that my friends and Bel are throwing me a Bday party.
But when I got blamed and scolded.
I really feel like giving up. =.='
First of all, It's my birthday, I knew i shouldn't say that the birthday girl can just sit down and do nothing.
But this is not something I planned. I don't even know what is happening.
How the hell am I going to know what to do.
I did ask but well, when someone is trying to throw you a surprise party, will they tell you what is happening? NO.
So, I marinated all the foods, prepared everything by myself, bought all the needed stuff, invited all the guests by myself.. HAPPY?
Obviously, it seems like a gathering more than my birthday party.. swt.
I am sitting in front of my pc at 2am. Playing my mini games, blogging.
You came in and all you asked was :" How much money should I return to you?"
I really appreciate if you could just greet me Happy birthday.
I don't need any party or any presents.
But you didn't.
What else can I expect. Maybe I shouldn't give a damn from the very beginning.
Birthday sucks.
Went for my 1st latin dance private lesson. :)
My partner was really good.
He can really move like a lot better than me !!!! *embarrassing-nya*
And I finally bought my latin shoes.. weeee~
I only left with my costume..
Does anyone know where to find cheap one??? XD
I'm really out of budgets. T_T
The lodging, transport, enrolment fees cost me a BOOM.
I knew he won't even sponsor me a cent.
So I have to dig up all my $ for this so-called crap competition (I don't think so..)
LOL... have to practise for like 5 days in a week T_T
My hotel project... OMG.... have to cope with final year assignments and the competition..
I hope I won't fail myself.. LOL
I miss you Rocky, I hope you like your new owner.
I couldn't stand the scene when Maria was giving Rocky away.
He might not be cute but he is adorable.
Though he don't really like me..
But I still miss him a lot.
I couldn't stop my tears from coming out when she took him away.
Dorry is leaving soon.
I will definitely miss you both so so so so so much.
Be good and love your new owner.
Love you both.. <3
I really appreciate all those buddies who greeted me. Thanks a lot :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dad brought us to see some showroom near Mont Kiara today.
He planned to shift away since both of us are going to UK.
So, he might sell off the house. >.<
Those house are gorgeously awesome..wakakakkaka =D
But of course, extremely expensive... swt.
I wish I could stay there.
~Sunway Vivaldi~
Check this
You guys really should check it out.
Its actually a place inspired by composer Antonio Vivaldi.
This is one of the pic I took from the showroom.
Dad finally allowed me to join the 16th Penang International Ballroom Dancing Championships 2009.
Now I need to find shoes, costumes and lots of lots of time to practise..
Just wish that I won't fall and knock some other partner that night.
Wish me luck ~

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some random photos from my phone.

Bugs at Zara.. Look at those pants. =.=
They are as if the same height as her.. kekeke =D

Wuuuuhooo.. the 2 pro

what the hell was I doing

Sheep : From Bel
Tiny bear : From Ham

Did this last Friday, when I was in Subang Square.
It was raining heavily and business ain't that good so I went to get this done.
p.s I think it's weird. Doesn't look Indian. I believed I can draw a better one.
No offense.

Fake Henna Tattoo. It faded on the 2nd day.. SOOOOOO FAST !!
Now it looks like I drew something on my hand with magic pen. zzzz swt

Ahhhhhaaaaa... Sotong finished her super duper XXL fried rice.. LOL

Subang Square

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's new? This is new.

You want to know what is new in my life?
Let me tell you, this is pretty new. I've never experienced this before.
Recently, everything I did seem to be wrong.
It's like doing the wrong thing again and again. ><
For ex, doing a henna tattoo can be said as something that will bring myself trouble..
I don't know if its my problems or you guys'.
I guess I should just do stuff that people used to do everyday?
Why can't I have something different from the others?
Different doesn't mean its weird or its a bad thing.
Try to think of it from another point of view, it can be special maybe?
If i decided to do something, I'll go for it.
It's my life and I'm the one who should bring colours to my life.
So, let's get crazy peoples. !~
You only live your life once, Make it special and unforgetable.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I give up~

You won~ I give up.
Been days I've been thinking about it again and again.
Assuming a lot of excuses for you and then I asked myself, why the hassle?
It's not like you even care.
Maybe I should listen to the others, forget about it and get a life.
Instead of wandering around with this.
I shouldn't have listen and believe on what you said at the very beginning.
I should not give you the second chance.
The second chance to prove that I might be wrong.
I am wrong.
Dude, you should get a life too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pratique 2009Graduation Ceremony

Pratique 2009 Graduation Ceremony
It wasn't my graduation ceremony, but all of us had fun.
Was suppose to work there, but ended up camwhoring... LOL
all of us was soooo exhausted, especially all the usheres.
Butwe really did have a great time :)

With Ms Jeanie and ms Kang
The Usherer. Except for the kacau Jesx
The CommitteeRoy and Sotong

wakakakkakakaka... The "Handsome" gotta stand way in front to be as the same height as us.
Nikki & Sotong
Sigh~ seeeeeee, steal ppl's flower...
wakakkakaka =D
With all the lecturer
From left : Ms mimi, Ms. Jo, Ms. Amy, Ms Jeanie, Ms Kang, Ms Lena & Ryan
jesx with her beloved flower display
Sotong & Doris
Ms Lena & Sotong
Best Buddies
All the Chong Hwa seniors
Ham ham, Jesx & Sotong
Sotong, Tony & Suk Ping
Sotong & Sokai
Sotong, Jesx & Alfred
The Girls
The crew
Ham ham, Eve, Ryan & Sotong
Ham ham , Eve, Jesx, Sotong & Alfred
Jesx & Sotong
Non stop camwhoring
Uncle Max stood so far.. lol
Wuuuuhooo the girls
Juniors & Seniors
S.H.E ??

Thats it for now..
For more photos please check my FB...
Lazy to upload... kekeke

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Confused >.<

Ahhaaa. I knew its been quite some time since I updated my blog..
I was too lazy and addicted to the stupid FB game >< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Been spending a lot a lot recently, maybe because I was not in a good mood? Hmmmmmmm quite a good excuse isn't it? I really need to get some job to cover back all the expenses.. aiyoyoyoyo. But at least, I bought my favourite pair of shoes....*wink wink* Queen B.. Stop nagging me for buying shoes again.. I'm just love all those heels and pumps.. wakakkaka=D

From left : ham ham, Sotong, Nikki & jesx

Me & the "handsome" Jesx
LOL... love it soooooooooooooo much. muahahahahha =D

The white one or the king?
lol... those who knew what I meant... shhhhhhh
Keep it to yourself.. XD