Monday, October 5, 2009

Pratique 2009Graduation Ceremony

Pratique 2009 Graduation Ceremony
It wasn't my graduation ceremony, but all of us had fun.
Was suppose to work there, but ended up camwhoring... LOL
all of us was soooo exhausted, especially all the usheres.
Butwe really did have a great time :)

With Ms Jeanie and ms Kang
The Usherer. Except for the kacau Jesx
The CommitteeRoy and Sotong

wakakakkakakaka... The "Handsome" gotta stand way in front to be as the same height as us.
Nikki & Sotong
Sigh~ seeeeeee, steal ppl's flower...
wakakkakaka =D
With all the lecturer
From left : Ms mimi, Ms. Jo, Ms. Amy, Ms Jeanie, Ms Kang, Ms Lena & Ryan
jesx with her beloved flower display
Sotong & Doris
Ms Lena & Sotong
Best Buddies
All the Chong Hwa seniors
Ham ham, Jesx & Sotong
Sotong, Tony & Suk Ping
Sotong & Sokai
Sotong, Jesx & Alfred
The Girls
The crew
Ham ham, Eve, Ryan & Sotong
Ham ham , Eve, Jesx, Sotong & Alfred
Jesx & Sotong
Non stop camwhoring
Uncle Max stood so far.. lol
Wuuuuhooo the girls
Juniors & Seniors
S.H.E ??

Thats it for now..
For more photos please check my FB...
Lazy to upload... kekeke

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