Saturday, July 26, 2008

Madness Of J-Card Member Day

24th July 2008

The Madness of J-Card Member >.<
I went to school earlier to get my persepctive drawings checked.
Was stucking in the jam for like hal and hour and finally the vehicles get to move a bit.
Who knows, the stupid police go and blocked the road to Mid Valley City. SWT !!!
I think is bcoz of the J-card member day... ish ish
I need to make a U-turn to get back to MV.
When i got down from the over-head bridge, i was blocked by the police officer.
At first, I didn't know that he was trying to stop me.
He flagged me and I thought he asked me to give way. So I moved to the other lane and another police officer stopped me by hitting my car's bonnet.
He asked me to stop by the road. DAMN it. What am I going to do... T_T
I was so freak out that time. Its my first time and I don't even know what should I do.
He asked for me IC and I was too scared until I couldn't find my Ic and licence..
He said :" Kamu tahu apa salah awak?"
I was like.. hmmm.. did I talk on the phone? as what i remember, I didn't.
Did i speed? No way, its too jam..
He told me something I never expect. =.=
He said I speed, i talked on the phone and I was driving on the Taxi & Bus lane.
Okay, for the first one, Im pretty sure i did not speed cause the whole road is so so so jam.
And i don't remember i talked on the phone cause my headset was attached.
Well, the third one.. I need to cross the taxi lane and keep right.
But once I came down I already got blocked.. SO its obviously not my fault..
The officer was like looking at my Ic and look back at me and asked :" Ini kamu ke?"
"Tak sama pun."
"Sorry ar, saya belum tukar IC"
"Buat apa hanya satu P sticker? Belakang tak ada?"
"Tak ada meh? okok nanti saya balik saya tampal."
"okok. kali ini saya bagi awak pergi. Tapi bukan semua orang sama saya akan bagi awak pergi. Saya tahu awak takut. tapi saya mesti ....."
well i seriously dont understand.. but who cares.. as long he let me go without summoning me.. heee heeee
or else, I'm going to have like 3 summon in a time.. Swt..
stupid jusco member day!!!!! ARGH
My god. I'm watching this ghost movie and it really freaks me out.
I keep chat with anyone I can think of in my Msn list. Just to distract my attention from looking at the movie.
haha... Sounds stupid. So scare somemore want to see...
So try to post while watching... hahaha =D

Monday, July 21, 2008

Im sick of it

Well, Im suppose to revising for my history exam now. But I just couldn't remember a thing.
SIgh~ Its u again.. You always ruined my day, my mood my everything... ARGH.
Everytime when I want to get along with you nicely, you are the one who stopped me from doing that.
I wanted to tell u what ppl really think of u, what we really think of u, but I knew you wont accept it.
SO whats the point of telling you..
Whenever you are wrong, you will still insist that you are right.
We are sick of it. I might be crazy one day getting along with your stupid temper.
When can I get rid of all of these? I knew u won't change, nd nobody can change.
NOt even yourself will, cause you neevr think that you are wrong.
The wrong one will always us, NEVER U. not even once.
Sorry? I never heard of it from you. never.
Ill make u say it one day. I swear. a sorry from your heart,
I'm sick of it.. I really do.
A little concern from you will be great. Maybe :"How's your day?"? that will be good enough for me.
I wonder why are u so stubborn for not listening to anybodies' advices.
I wish I can tell u what i really feel of you on day.. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart.
And I cant see any chance by now. HAiz~
I wish you were here. At least I can share it with you.
Or maybe you will be suffering if you are here?
I dont know, I'm confused.
Speechless about this person. Its way too long to describe. Way too much things to say.
God bless~

Monday, July 14, 2008

I want a housemate =3

Hmm.. A sudden thought made me feel like having a housemate. A totally different girl.

Someone who is different from me, have different hobbies and interests. A DIFFERENT GIRL. <3

Maybe I can learn from her, something I dont have or something is good about her.

We can share thoughts and everything. We can do things together, chat together and etc.

The feelings are totally different from a best friend. Someone that live together and do things together. That must be fun.. or maybe not that fun.. haha.. who knows. (maybe i watched too much movie)

But its good when you have a housemate, two different person with different lifestyles stay together in a house.. whoah.. cool!! *daydreaming again*

hmmph. i guess ill have that chance only when i get to go oversea. T_T


Quite emotional these few days.. My mind was full of unnecessary stuffs..

I knew i should ignore unnecessary things at this moment. I have tons and tons of upcoming assignments.

Well i guess, assignment has consider as part of my life..
*it takes two to tango*.. So what's the point of wasting that time?
Maybe I should not really give a shit at first.
Well.. Its time to let go.. * meditate meditate..LOL*

Ways to release stress -->
-meditate for 7x7=49 days in a deep jungle.
-stick a photo of someone u hate on your soft toys (make sure its not some soft toys u like) and punch it 'kao kao'...hahaha
-eat eat eat.. ice cream, fondue, brownies.. sweet stuff makes me HAPPY (well dont be too impulsive if u are dieting. )
-talk to the dog... dont care if they really understand or not.hahaha

*yawnnnnnn* too tired to think.. good night..
lame post..sigh~

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bugs With Her Cooking Lesson

Bugs And Her Cooking Lesson
haha.. here is bugs the chef again..
well sorry for keep showing her in my blog..
cause she is way too funny that i cannot dont post it up.. haha
anyway, enjoy~ well this one she just post for me to take a pic of hers.
end up ms Maria pour for her..
Maria asked:" sher may, the vege very heavy?" XD.LOL
changed her hand.. she said its tiring..
change pose again.. see her fist.. lol.. lol.. her tiring hand

hmmm.. let me try.. ~
Maria :" come on.. let me fry.. or else we have nothing to eat!"
Bugs :" okok.. good good.. *claps her hand*"

Lol.. well.. who say bugs cant cook? =.="
she didn't know i took the previous photo... haha
Haha... DONE.
Overall quite good..
but the vege too salty..
more to improve. XD

Friday, July 4, 2008

LASAGNA~~ weeeee!!!

Went to Carrefour with bugs today..
And decided to have homemade lasagna for dinner..weeee~
here's the progress on making out so-called lasagna >.<
fuiyoh, we bought all the needed ingredients... dont play play
Here comes our 'chopper' Miss Bugs.. woooo~ *sprinkle petals and ribbons*
Very PRO huh?
Who knows? Maybe she just posing in front of the camera.. hahaha XD
Only carrots are done by bugs.. others are done by Miss Maria.. haha
Here comes Bugs again.. hehe.. she was complaing that all the mushroom i cut was too ugly.
so she decided to cut herself =.="
Very pro huh?
See it from this view... wahsey.. That's really dangerous ._.
Ntg to do.. so I'll do the cooking with Maria
Minced meat, carrot, canned tomato, tomato paste, clove onion
Who say sotong dont know how to cook?
hahahahhaah XD
Our Pro Chef --Bugs..
One hand cooking and reading the instructions.. haha
LOL.... bugs also can cook what.. not to afraid nobody want to marry her d... =D
1st layer
Milk, cheese, butter, flour

hahahahaha... who say sotong cannot cook... seeeeeeee
too little cheese. >.<
nevermind.. space to improve.. wahahahaha... YAY!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tagged by Punda The Panda.

Ever kissed anyone older than 30?
-hmmmm.. my dad. hahaha.

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend a pain in the ass?
errrrr. I'm single stilll XD

Do you like the color green?
It depends on what type of green.. hee hee =)

Are you in a relationship?
I wish I am? LOL

Ever eaten soap?

Do you miss anyone?
yea... been missing her for years.. <3

Is there some place you would like to visit?
of course... many many... hmm venice, milan, etc etc... Last but not least >> NEW YORK

Have you ever fell into a mud puddle?
yea.. when I went to camp

What song are u listening to?
leona lewis-better in time

What are you scared of?
Injection... definitely the doctors...

What are you scared of?
Green Tea

Do you own anything from American Eagle?
Yea.. dad was once having businss with them

If you could own a monkey, would you?
hmmm.. No

Do you regret anything?
yea of course.. who dont?

What are you excited about?
When I lost weight.. LOL..

Are you an artist?
hahaha.. artist-wanna-be

Do you have an addiction?
not for now.... ._.

What you did for the last 2 days
rushing my dining room perspective drawing.. *wooo~ so hardworking*

What did you do last weekend?
work work work... went to fish spa

Favorite swear word?

Who do you love?
my family, my friends, my dog....*muacks* ~xoxo~

Do you still love your latest ex?
ehhhh.... guess and see?

Ever regret breaking up with someone?
wah.... what do u guys think?

Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?
hahaha.. used to~

What are you doing tomorrow?
gym gym~ lose weight.... yeeehaaa

What are you wearing right now?
T-shirt and shorts

Do you like anyone?
haha... i like everyone

Do you like to cuddle?
yea~ girls like it i guess

Do you like your first name?
like it more than everyone do

Do you want summer vacation?
sure... i need relaxation!!!

If you took a drug test would you pass it?
uh oh.. im not a drug addict

When is your saddest day in your life?
when i was 12. u guys knew it

When was the last time you told someone you love them?
Been saying that everytime to my dog.

Who was the last person to tell you I love you?
Some stalker uncle.

Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
ham lor

Quick, think of a quote from a song?
little bit of love. need to be love

What was the last thing you bought?
candies.... oh no.. vic dont scold me ar.

Do you smoke cigarettes?
no no no...

Tagged by punda the panda

and ill tag everyone in my list. ngiek =D