Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please be strong for me

When you have a pet, you have the responsible to take care of it. No matter in what form, feeding, petting, bathing, and also cleaning the poo. Poco is one of my pet that is closest to me as he is staying inside the house and he can go everywhere he wants, sleeping on Bel's bed when she was away to college counts too. (luckily she didn't know, or else she will slaughter me and her room will smell like dettol again >.<)

Remember when I have my first pet, a hamster from my cousin. I came back everyday from school and the first thing I do was rushed to the cage and play with it. Until one day, when I came back from school, I noticed that my hamster was soooo stiff. My mum was baking in the kitchen, I immediately ran to her and asked her why is my hamster still sleeping and it didnt wake up no matter how I moved it. She called the cousin from Singapore as I requested, asked if that was normal or it was sick and needed medication. Mum hung up the phone and told me there was no way and my hamster was dead. It was super upset. I was super innocent that I didn't know that dying is a part of life cycle. I then buried my hamster at the back yard and planted a rose on top of it. ( my rose bloomed once and was ruined by the heavy rain)

I'm not really sure if I'm suitable to be an owner or even own a pet. As I couldn't bare the feelings of losing them. I bet all the owners out there are the same. Sometimes, I even quarrel with my dad or sis over something because of my dog. I know you might be thinking " is it worth it? quarreling with your families over a dog?". All I can say is I treat them like my family. Of course there are priorities, more important one. I was at the Pet shop yesterday, buying Poco's dog food. I chose a larger package over a small one and Bel told me :" why don't you take the small one, if Poco died you will waste all the food". The tears filled my eyes instantly and I was so pissed. Perhaps she just doesn't understand.

Back to the point =.= swt, crapping too much. Brought Poco for X-ray today. And apparently all the yoga poses he did wasn't just being yogaish. He is in pain. The X-ray showed that he swallowed a metal that is about 2.5cm. I went to the vet early this month and its been 2 weeks and Poco is still in pain. The doc said it needed to be removed as Poco refused to eat anything. Its a better solution.

But surgery has it risks. I might lose Poco. And this is something I hope it won't happened. I'm going to send him off tomorrow morning and I'm super nervous now. But if the surgery is successful, he will only discharge on Sunday. I'm going to pray very hard for him. I believed he will stay strong and tough for us, and the surgery will go well. He is so tiny and haven't been taking any of his meals recently, I hope he is strong enough for it. Love you Poco.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The girl with her portrait

Went to the Clarins booth in MV last weekend and they happened to have an artist turning people into cartoons. And this is what it turned out to be.. I was laughing all the time, looking here and there and my cartoon turned out nothing like me.. XD
The artist is good, the rest of them get cute and nice cartoon portrait except for me..sob sob.
That is the consequences of moving here and there.. talking and looking at pretty ladies.. haha what to do.. It's way too boring to sit still... :D anyway they told me, the only thing that looks alike is the hat.. =.= Whatever, i'm still happy enough...bleh

Since when I have a mole at the bottom of my lips?? ahahah... technical error?? Anyway, it was fun.. And thanks to the artist for being so patient and tolerate.


I've been doing a lot of last minute shopping and ended up getting stuff I don't really need more than things I marked down in my list. I left with 2 weeks time.. and my competition is just one and a half week away.. we barely practice. =.= Been busy with this and that. It's like way too little time for so many things.. Not that I did not manage my time, it is just because everything just came so sudden and they clashed together... sigh~ I really could use 8 limbs now..

I'm trying very hard to meet up my friends before I leave, but you guys are wayyyyy too busy.. working people are not available in weekday and I'm always busy in weekends.. how how how.. Take MC... :P hahaha the snake queen :D
I want to go Genting.. :( anyone??? My seahorse...sob sob..

Below are some photos that I grabbed here and there.. Photos are everywhere=.=
So I could only upload what I have so far.. Leave the rest to you guys.
It was Doris farewell. I was not feeling really well that day and I have to work the next day so all my pictures turned out to be so CACAT =.= I dont know why..

I'm obviously not a good poser.. Seeeeee, so many shots but I couldn't get one nice photo with her.. OMG. Is it my problem or the photographer??? *ahem ahem*

Ahha, at least this is normal.. :D
I met one of my high school friend there just sitting beside us, barely could remember him.. XD Anyway it's nice bumping into each other after so long..

okay okay, I'm going to insert those balls into my bra.. Stop saying it's small... GRRRRRRR

The giant and the dwarfs... wahahhahahaha.. *kidding*

Let's end this post with this.. The best shot of all the photos I have.. Nice one though.. :)

I'm finding Oxford flats... Anyone know where can I get them?? As I only left with 2 weeks.. I can't wait for pre-order.... T_T Please pm me if you happened to see them anywhere... appreciate them a lot... thanks... *toodles*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie Dates

Just came back from a movie.. AGAIN =.= It's been like the 3rd movie I watched this week. So I've been eating popcorn in alternate nights. :p But what's the fun watching movie without popcorn XD.

Tekken was a game I known since I have my Play Station. I used to be a fan of this game. Like sitting in front of the TV learning all the techniques and skills of each fighter until I beat everyone's high score. From the first edition of Tekken to the latest edition one, I've always been a fan.Only until I went to college, where all the stress and assignments due date took up most of my time. I gave up all my games. My PS, my NDS, my online games T_T I would never want to count how much I have spent on my games =.=

The movie was fun. Nothing much like the game, as they don't have many exciting fighting sceneS. But the plot was not too bad :p The actor looks abit like Edison Chan. I wonder if he is mix or Asian. I love the idea that the world is run by corporations after the world war. And how they own a fighter in which they battle till the last man standing and he or she will own the wealth and the power to control the entire world. Something different :3

Went to Sungei Wang this morning. Wanted to find make up box but they don't have stock.. :( It's so hard to find a make up box where you can store all your brushes. =.= But ended up buying myself a hat. Couldn't resist. :p Then, I went to 1U to collect my specs. Spotted a PRL tote.. super nice.. But it's unnecessary so I better stick on my list :D

Feel like getting another piercing but I don't know where. Way too many holes in my body. And I have no idea why I kept doing it. It's an addiction. Like tattoo.

Have a sweet dreams. Good night *toodles*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You are awesome the way you are

LOVE THIS snap shot. My eyes are almost closed but I love it. and my NOSE. omg
p/s i'm not strangling my dog.. he just loves to sleep on my hand like that :) He is too sticky recently, maybe he knew i'm leaving soon :( awwww~ I will miss him for sure T_T

What else more to say ?? CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3

I'm actually working that time, he just hop on my lap and that is it. Comfy and warm :)
but he looks so miserable. My baby is in pain. Haven't recover from high fever and tonsillitis. Poor thing. :( Hope he will get well soon.

Got these 2 badges from Taylor Charity Day (forgot what is the actual name). These 2 badges have already described the recent me entirely. Union Jack, here I come.. :p
and yeah, the second one describes me pretty well too.. The slack queen :D Left with 3 weeks time and my final Latin competition left with 2 weeks time. I skipped quite a lot of practices as I need to stay up late for work. :( and again, I haven't pack my luggage. Anyone free to shop with me??? I need to get all my stuff in the list asap..

okay, couldn't believe I'm so hardworking cause I'm still in front of my pc working... wahahahahah *proud of myself*.... bleh. Have to go back to work now.. Buaisss peeps. Good night and sweet dreams, do remember to cover your blanket and don't let the bed bugs bite you *wink*

Monday, August 9, 2010

Exhausted Weekend

At least, I'm starting to work on my luggage. Went shopping yesterday and the crowd is killing me. Long queues in front of all the cashiersand fitting rooms. The sales person are not enough to even entertain us.. XD So I only got one item from my list. Shit~

I want to go Genting, was supposed to plan it this weekends. But I myself don't even sure if i can make it. I want to get the seahorse I missed last trip!!~ SEAHORSE~SEAHORSE~SEAHORSE~ :(

I have a lot of plans for my friends but I don't have time :( They are working on weekdays so we only can make it during weekends. But I hate weekends. I don't like to squeeze in the crowd. Especially the shopping crowd, or the restaurant crowd. Waiting half and hour in front of the restaurant is not cool~!

Oh ya, I'm working very hard to GAINING my weight back :( With all the junk foods at home and the desserts after every meal. haha. Like what my friends told me. Don't throw all the jeans that you can't wear anymore. In a few months time, I'll be able to wear them again. The evil Bel told me :" Buy the specs you wanted very much though it's too big for you, CAUSE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WEAR IT SOON!!". Skipped gym for half a year. Miss my gym mates :(

Control.. Control.. Control.. I have to stop eating all the junk food as I don't take rice. it's not good for health. =.= and yea, junk food is more like my energy food now. swt.

Went for photoshoot last saturday. Was a short one but very exhausted. I'm old.. :(
here are some photos to share :D

I actually got all the photos the next day.. but my lappie is still with the service center and I'm lazy to resize and compress it. Will upload the rest when I got my lappie back. :)
Anyway, credit to the photog for all the nice photos :D
*it was a bad hair day :( hair color CACAT ... fluffy hair... grrrrr

So, I dyed my hair yesterday.. Super spontaneous. :p
That's all for today, have to get my ass back to work , have fun reading ~!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yesterday was a great day.
Thanks for everything.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slacking Queen

Okay, the slacking queen has totally messed up her life. Not going to school or work is never a good choicefor me. Staying at home is definitely a waste of time as I will only sleep and eat. That's all. =.=

I slept at 5am yesterday or should I say this morning.. I'm having Insomnia for no reason. No stress, no pressure but still couldn't sleep. Woke up at 2pm because I need to fetch my sis.. then came back and slept till 8pm.. what a life. =.= Haven't even start to pack my luggage. Don't even know what to bring, my list is getting longer as if I'm bringing the whole room and wardrobe there.

Haven't even decide where to stay =.= omg, and I only left with one month time. I want to plan a trip with my friends before I leave. As most of them are going to have plans after their studies. Some of them are going to work, some of them are going back to hometown, some are still studying. Sigh, I've already started to miss them :(

Familiar? Saw this before in my previous post?? How do you like it?? I love it sooooooooooooooo much <3 A special someone drew this for me.. Nice right.. Appreciate a lot a lot.. and I really like it very very much. But I have no idea why the shoe is red.. :D Anyway thanks a lot a lot.. I've already made this my desktop background. Loving it ♥ soooo niceeeee, i mean the drawing.. haha..

Okay, that's all for today. Good night peeps, I better sleep early so that I can tune back my sleeping time !~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Updates :)

Have already uploads all the pictures from my cam.. Here you go peeps. Do check out more HERE. Not many pictures taken cause my one and only photographer did not follow me there.. She has to study for her upcoming exams :p

Was a great experience competing in Johor and Singapore. We did achieve good results too.. :) Very happy but more to improve.
In Singapore, we got 3rd place for Samba & Jive, 5th place for Cha Cha and Paso Dablo. In Johor, we got 2nd place for Cha Cha & Samba, 4th place for Rumba and Jive, 5th place for Paso Dablo.

Thanks to my partner for all the hard work and efforts. Thanks to Royce, Aunt Merle, Uncle William, Aunt Luisa and who ever who guided me when I'm wrong.. Appreciate them a lot a lot.. This might be the last competition as I'm leaving to UK very very soon. Will miss the days when I was still dancing and the fun I had in WLD. Hopefully, I can get to join any dance societies or clubs in UK. Or maybe find myself a partner there?? haha, dream on me.. But, what is wrong to dream big :D

I only left a month to go. Have to fully utilize this month, as that is the only time I left with my beloved friends and family. So I should start dating them :p Haven't really started to pack my stuff yet. Still being a full time slacker. Sleep, eat and dream is what I did today. Only woke up at 544pm due to a phone call. Or else I'll be sleeping like a dead pig till the next morning. :x

Here are some photos I got from my lomo.. Yea, I finally develop and scanned them into my pc.. after... errrrrr 3 months?? Dad has been nagging for my photos so here you go. =.= Obviously, they are all too dark and I have no idea what the hell did I took after looking back on some photos. But I still love it, its like taking photos in another angle or view. :X Enjoy~

For more visit HERE