Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie Dates

Just came back from a movie.. AGAIN =.= It's been like the 3rd movie I watched this week. So I've been eating popcorn in alternate nights. :p But what's the fun watching movie without popcorn XD.

Tekken was a game I known since I have my Play Station. I used to be a fan of this game. Like sitting in front of the TV learning all the techniques and skills of each fighter until I beat everyone's high score. From the first edition of Tekken to the latest edition one, I've always been a fan.Only until I went to college, where all the stress and assignments due date took up most of my time. I gave up all my games. My PS, my NDS, my online games T_T I would never want to count how much I have spent on my games =.=

The movie was fun. Nothing much like the game, as they don't have many exciting fighting sceneS. But the plot was not too bad :p The actor looks abit like Edison Chan. I wonder if he is mix or Asian. I love the idea that the world is run by corporations after the world war. And how they own a fighter in which they battle till the last man standing and he or she will own the wealth and the power to control the entire world. Something different :3

Went to Sungei Wang this morning. Wanted to find make up box but they don't have stock.. :( It's so hard to find a make up box where you can store all your brushes. =.= But ended up buying myself a hat. Couldn't resist. :p Then, I went to 1U to collect my specs. Spotted a PRL tote.. super nice.. But it's unnecessary so I better stick on my list :D

Feel like getting another piercing but I don't know where. Way too many holes in my body. And I have no idea why I kept doing it. It's an addiction. Like tattoo.

Have a sweet dreams. Good night *toodles*