Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm exhausted but I think it is worthy :)

Been practicing my latin dance routine everyday non stop.
My leg sore and swollen like and a pig foot =.=
But at least I can see the improvement day by day.. weeeeee~
I only left with 2 weeks and its the big day.
A bit nervous and kinda excited about it.
really appreciate that my classmates will go and support us... thanks thanks ^^
Bel will be having her SPM, I wish she could go, but SPM is way more important than my competition. :)
Good luck Bel.
In order to improve myself,I have to stay close with my partner and do not feel shy..
Maybe because we don't know each other really well, so both of us are kinda shy or akward maybe.
It is something I really need to practice a lot and get used to it. haha
Of course I will never forget my assignments as well.
Though I don't really have good time management, but I won't give myself a chance to fail.
" I can't fail my last sem!!!! "
JYJY sotong...

*ps bought a heart shaped strawberry bling bling belly ring... Love it :)
Ciaoz, off to bed.. nite all

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Am I ready for this?

Lots of people been asking me, why do I join the competition during my final?
Won't it crush with my final project? Seriously, yes they do crash.
But, why not??
It can be a very good experience.
An experience for me to handle my own time management (a better one).
I don't want myself to look back at my life and ask myself :" Why didn't I do that?"
I want no regrets in my life..
Maybe I couldn't get what I want in my life, but I believe if I try I will at least gain something.
I have faith on you Sotong... Go Girl ~ Yay !~