Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been almost 2 months.

Wooooosh~ Time flies. It's been almost 2 months since I've been to London. If you ask me how is my life here, I'll say "I'm fine". That explains all huh? I guess so. :p

Been really lazy to update my blog, I'm sorry. I promise I'll keep you guys update :D

Started my job training already. Hmm, kinda nervous though. Teaching is never that easy after all. Applying what you know on your assignment is totally different from teaching. We have to aware about the bully issue, the child abuse issue and also the different standard of understanding among them. But it will be definitely be interesting. Still cannot imagine myself wearing formal and working in my placement.. :D Waiting for the second job training though, hope it doesn't clash with my timetable..

I'm back to dancing again. It's always great to get back to dance. I just feel so relax and happy whenever I'm dancing. It's not like I'm born with the talent, but I believe when you really like something, you work hard for it. :) Been to the team tryouts, didn't really get in cause I don't know ballroom dance..sigh~ *disappointed* But they found me someone and we are having another tryout this Wednesday, hope it works *finger crossed* But the height is really an issue for me. I'm way too short.. Hmmmm, height is never a problem when I was in Malaysia though. lol

Halloween is coming soon :p Going to get some costumes tomorrow, hopefully. Trick or treat :P

Went to the cinema in London yesterday, my very first time. But I still prefer cinema in Malaysia. They are a lot cheaper and the cinema are way better than the one here. :p But anyway, it's always a first time. :) Looking forward to the SAW 3D though... wuuuuuhoooo~
Fun fair near the cinema
Elena :) xx

That's it for today, gotta get my ass back to my dissertation. zzzz

Toodles peeps :) xx

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just for you :)

Do you still wait for me at the door everyday?
Do you still feel excited when you hear the sounds of my car?
Do you still bang my room door with your head every morning? 
Do you still bite stuff that you are not supposed to?
Do you miss me like I do?
Did you pee on my bed again???? Hmmph~

I miss you baby~

Haha, just being lame, I gotta get back to my dissertation. Ciaoz~

Monday, October 18, 2010

The weather makes me feel sleepy

I'm so lazy to blog. The weather is making me sleep more and more, EAT MORE AND MORE :( I never feel full , never satisfied after any meal. Probably because of the weather.. sigh~ And yea, I can't get rid of junk food *ahem ahem* although I promised someone to stop and take them once a week? But I'm taking them everyday? I'm so dead. -.-

Starting to get myself back on track with all the researches, course works etc etc. And also finding myself a flat to move out. Hmmmm~ But it's kinda hard to find some place nice and cheap, it's LONDON :(

Have no time to do my Latin tryouts. But I will try to attend their classes this Wednesday. I seriously need to sweat !~ And since I brought my shoes here, I can't be putting them aside and collect dust. kekeke :D

Homesick? Not at all :p haha. I talked to my dad via FB everday and I crapped with Bel all the time. But I miss my baby Poco though. He can't Skype nor chatting with me online. But my dad does update me from time to time. Hope he will remember me when I go back. :)

Halloween is coming, then Christmas. Yay~ But of course my birthday comes first. I don't have the exciting feelings that I used to have back then. Maybe because my friends and family is not here with me and it could be because they have already thrown me a surprise party before I came. :D But I definitely will do something on my birthday.. haha

I've been doing the housework everyday, unbelievable isn't it. Cause this freaking place is just full of dust, even though I cleaned it daily. And due to my sinus problem, I have to. Carpet flooring throughout is never a place for me, hate it ! I'm so going to be another Annabel - the clean freak. Maybe when I go back, I don't need a maid anymore... Sorry Maria :P

My hair is getting longer and longer, I have to trim myself every week. EVERY WEEK!!  I used to trim only 2 weeks once in Malaysia. The weather is making my hair grows! Okay, I'm blaming everything to the weather now XD So I decided to keep everything long, the fringe too. Bah~ I know short fringe suites me more. But I couldn't be bothered to trim every effing week.

It's Monday, and I should be heading to the library. I'm just too lazy to get out. Someone come and visit me please.. haha :) That's it for now, I'm going to clean my bathroom now... muahahaha..

Toodles reader.. Miss you guys <3

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mexican Dinner with Margaritas..

I know it's been awhile since I update my blog. Been busy you know, with the dissertation, getting around and of course the tons of course work. It wasn't as bad as the first week since I came here. It's getting better, I'm starting to love this place (I mean London not the area I stay). lol~

How I wish I could find a place and move out now. :( Hope Marie could find a place at her area for me.. *finger crossed* teeeeheeee~

Went to find Marie, it's her birthday. Didn't get her anything but I promise, I'll get you something :) Hope you enjoy your night as I enjoyed it very much.. Cheers~ Love the Enchiladas and of course the Margaritas.. wuuuhooo~

Hereby, I wish you have a wonderful year ahead. May all your dreams and wishes come true. :) And of course, hope you get to go to places you want and bring me along.. lol~

I want to go to Mexico, so badly.. :(

Awesome Birthday girl <3
 Margaritas with Mango flavour

 Enchiladas *yum yum*
I had a great night, thanks :D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Back on the track

Hi peeps, sorry it's been a busy week after class started. I will try my best to blog as much as I could to keep you guys update :)

It's been a week and I've already have tons of coursework. Everything came together and I guess I'm going to have my brain stuck. The coursework are interesting but of course it's "heavy". By heavy I mean lots of research, thinking, brain-storming etc.

But I do have some interesting coursework that I really longed for it. I took up an elective module for Advanced Computer Design. We are going to learn Advanced Vray and 3D Studio Max.. which are really great :D and our first project will be designing our own 3D Model. :) But speaking of which, we are not allowed to grab 3D Model and drop it to a scene or space ( not like what we used to do in Pratique). Here, we have to draw everything by ourselves, from tiny little screw to the whole architecture building or even a car. And we have to know about the mechanism of each and every furniture we are using. This is pretty scary but exciting. I can imagine myself slamming my keyboard already. But I am looking forward to it. :)

We have another course which is Branding and Presentation, which I think is very important for all designer out there. Branding is really important. Presentation too. :p In this modules, we need to create storyboard,video, and lot's of photography. Interesting isn't it?

What's killing me is the dissertation. 5000 words. This will require a lot of research. Grammar, spelling and vocabulary have to be super good. Primary and secondary sources :| Never knew design course will need to do dissertation. But I will do whatever it takes to get good grades :) 

We have internships too.. which is really good :) We get to choose to continue working here after we graduate or go back to our country. really good experience though.

What excites me most is the competitions. We are joining 2 competitions and these are a really good chance to expose ourselves in the Design field. This is where people can spot your talent and is a place where you can exhibit your work. Most of our seniors got into good firm from these competition. So I consider myself very lucky to get the chance to join :)

That's it for now, you must be scratching your head cause you don't know anything I'm talking about. Don't mind me, I'm just getting too excited when it comes to my course. :)

Take care peeps. xx

Monday, October 4, 2010

A day out to Camden :)

Kooi Bee came to overnight at my place and we had fun in Camden. Though the weather is bad, but we still manage to get to places. It's really nice to see her again after a year :) haha

It's been raining cats and dogs almost everyday here. Probably that means winter is coming very soon :D

This is the last weekend before class starts. I guess by then I will be back in track like I used to be. Busy with coursework, rushing here and there. sigh~ Hope it won't be too busy for the first month. :(

Have an interview for a job tomorrow too. Finger crossed for it.. :D *good luck*

Camden Town

Look at those cool buildings :p

How pretty is this.. <3

Horse Tunnel Market    

Plates !!!
The bike seating space is soooo cute !

Inside the Horse Tunnel market. Full d vintage and antiques items. Clothing, Suitcases, hats, books, magazines, posters, instruments. etc

How I wish I could own them all !!! Love it so so so much. One day, I will get one. haha
Oxford !
Turkey Evil Eye for one pound each.

Ahhhhh~~ My favorite CHURROS !!! I had the half & half which contain both caramel and chocolate sauce. wooolala~
It has fillings too. ANNABEL, I'm sure you miss this too :p
Vintage stuff !!!!!

Lunch~ Lamb shoulder with Yorkshire pudding, stuffed balls, carrots, broccoli, green peas and potatoes. *yum*

Sotong's homemade wrap !
Not bad huh :p

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where are all the party people?

First attempt to twist my fringe up. My hair is a messed now. No time to trim it myself :(

Yesterday was the International Students Party. Went out with Marie during the afternoon and hung around Oxford Street. Couldn't really find what we were supposed to find. Awwww~ Wanted to buy every single things we see but we knew we can't :p

Went back to dress up and left to The Rocket. The party was supposed to start at 7pm but we went there at 8pm and the party wasn't started yet. The place wasn't really hard to find. We found it once we saw the whole crowd outside the club. Waited for almost an hour outside and I was freezing queue-ing there. damn~

We thought it will be fun and happening. But FML, it wasn't. Not at all. The music was bad, the atmosphere was even worse. Most of the people just stuck with their own group. And we were there wandering around drinking. =.= Really really boring, no kidding. Where is the DJ? Where are the hitz music? Why is he singing and who is he?????? 

Well, no offense. He wasn't that bad, I just prefer the original singer, that's it. Left quite early and we swear the next one will be a lot better than this.. hahahaha. But luckily Marie was there with me, else I'll be rotting in there alone.. :p

She is really lovely. Nice and friendly too :) 
Glad to know her