Monday, October 18, 2010

The weather makes me feel sleepy

I'm so lazy to blog. The weather is making me sleep more and more, EAT MORE AND MORE :( I never feel full , never satisfied after any meal. Probably because of the weather.. sigh~ And yea, I can't get rid of junk food *ahem ahem* although I promised someone to stop and take them once a week? But I'm taking them everyday? I'm so dead. -.-

Starting to get myself back on track with all the researches, course works etc etc. And also finding myself a flat to move out. Hmmmm~ But it's kinda hard to find some place nice and cheap, it's LONDON :(

Have no time to do my Latin tryouts. But I will try to attend their classes this Wednesday. I seriously need to sweat !~ And since I brought my shoes here, I can't be putting them aside and collect dust. kekeke :D

Homesick? Not at all :p haha. I talked to my dad via FB everday and I crapped with Bel all the time. But I miss my baby Poco though. He can't Skype nor chatting with me online. But my dad does update me from time to time. Hope he will remember me when I go back. :)

Halloween is coming, then Christmas. Yay~ But of course my birthday comes first. I don't have the exciting feelings that I used to have back then. Maybe because my friends and family is not here with me and it could be because they have already thrown me a surprise party before I came. :D But I definitely will do something on my birthday.. haha

I've been doing the housework everyday, unbelievable isn't it. Cause this freaking place is just full of dust, even though I cleaned it daily. And due to my sinus problem, I have to. Carpet flooring throughout is never a place for me, hate it ! I'm so going to be another Annabel - the clean freak. Maybe when I go back, I don't need a maid anymore... Sorry Maria :P

My hair is getting longer and longer, I have to trim myself every week. EVERY WEEK!!  I used to trim only 2 weeks once in Malaysia. The weather is making my hair grows! Okay, I'm blaming everything to the weather now XD So I decided to keep everything long, the fringe too. Bah~ I know short fringe suites me more. But I couldn't be bothered to trim every effing week.

It's Monday, and I should be heading to the library. I'm just too lazy to get out. Someone come and visit me please.. haha :) That's it for now, I'm going to clean my bathroom now... muahahaha..

Toodles reader.. Miss you guys <3


Hollie said...

Haha sweetie... guess what... It's been weeks since I last danced!!! Thanks to my busy BUSY SUPER BUSY schedule... We're in the same boat now LOL~

Reanne said...

Hey dear, glad to see you here. :)
Hmm, so your class started yea?
Same here :( Sigh~ Loads of assignments. I barely could remember any routine.. OMG