Monday, June 28, 2010

The China & HK Trip

This trip was decided in a rush. But we still managed to book our flight ticket. The only thing is they ain't cheap. It's my bad for dragging this too long and made it a last minute thing. haha.. Our first stop was to GuangZhou. We took a 5am flight, so have to reach the airport around 3am. I barely sleep =.= Was a floating zombie when I reached the airport.

Checked into the hotel and went straight to the street where they sell and rent costumes. The whole freaking street are all shops that sell costumes from dancing costume to any performances costume, just name it and they have it. I even spotted a very cute hello kitty costume.. Haha.. But their choices of Latin costumes ain't that much. Most of the shops only allow to custom make Latin costumes with a minimum amount of 10. We were there almost half a day but we get nothing. :( What a waste !!

We then went to a Japanese Restaurant Buffet with dad's friends. Ate lots and lots of seafood until we could barely walk. haha.. XDThe rest of the days will be shopping and shopping and shopping. Unfortunately, Bel's camera was dead when we were on the way to ShenZhen so we didn't get a lot of photo after that.. :(

Went to Bei Jing Road the next day.. Super pack.. the weather was sooooooo humid. it's like walking in the basement of a complex. It's killing ~!

Check out the crowd.. Mad pack

Coca Cola Kiosk

We have Crocodile and they have CLIO CODDLE
Their local brand, the stuff in there are not cheap and they actually have lots of branches.. :p
I actually saw lots of people wearing it though :3

Another one... @.@
We have Pierre Cardin and they have Pearl Cabin... wakakkakakaka.... lmao

Another cute Coca Cola kiosk

Okay,here is where Bel's Camera dead.. No more photos until I develop my Lomo film... >.<

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toilet Bowl Hugger :(

Yea as the title mentioned. I've been hugging my toilet bowl for almost 2 days. I thought I had food poisoning, went to the doctor but the medicines ain't working at all. So I guess it's not food poisoning after all. Dad said probably because of the buffet another night. Cause I seldom eat that much after the surgery and now I'm eating like nobody else business :((( grrrrr.

I think my doctor thought I was pregnant or something like that.. He asked me about my mens and stuff.. Checking on my stomach but did not ask me what I ate the previous day. haha. But only after he checked on my weight.. He found out something weird. I've been losing a lot a lot of weight. And this is abnormal. 2 weeks ago I was weighing 108 pounds and now I'm 99 pounds. He warned me not to go on diet but hell no I will go on diet.. I miss food after my surgery !!

Dad cooked seafood today. Ewwwww never once I felt seafood is disgusting only until today. I ate the fish and I couldn't believe that I split it out immediately. It's soooooooo smelly. I tried the prawns and had the same feelings.. Even my favorite soup, I barely could finish a bowl =.=

All I wish to eat were ginger?(had them... XD) jelly?(made them immediately,strawberry flavor :p) scones?(will have them tomorrow) Yea, those are the food that came up to my mind now.. And fyi I'm freaking hungry. Food poisoning patient will never be as active as I were. They might me lying on the bed like a dead meat. But I still can walk, watch tv, render my stupid 3D and surfing the net. But I don't feel weak, just that I have to run to the toilet a lot more often that I used to. =.=

*I'm working on a d.i.y fabric flower that can be used on headbands, hairpins, brooches and so mny more.. Stay tuned :)*

Monday, June 14, 2010

Extremely full..

Went to Jogoya for dinner with my best buddies :)
Everyone was laughing at me when I speak.
I totally lost my voice today after eating the durian yesterday night =.=
Had soooo much food and managed to have sooooo many desserts...*love*
We should totally do this again.. kekeke..
Max, don't forget you still owe us a seafood meal.. :p
Okay have to sleep early today.. Need to wake up freaking early to work tomorrow.
Toodles peeps.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm in love with my dance.

The Kuala Lumpur Open Dance Championships 2010 was held today in Wisma OCM.
It was tired as usual. But I've already used to the rushing part between beginner event and open ladies latin event. I barely could speak with no voice. Couldn't cheer for them too :(
Anyway, It was a fun experience :)
Got 4 certs and 2 medal. I'm happy enough :p
All the competitors from Danceworld & Uncle William :D
~~~ Congratulations ~~~

My partner, me and Uncle William.

Me and my beginner event partner showing off our certs and the medal :D
Thanks and congratulations to my partner for going through all the hard times practicing and trying to slim down.. Appreciate them a lot :)
*ignore my droppy eyes. My doubled-up eye lash is making my eyes so tired.*

Me and my lovely ladies partner. Got 3rd place in our open ladies latin event :)
We definitely make a great partnership. Thanks and congratulations on the achievements in your beginner events.

Hollie and her beginner event partner, Tow Guan.

Gary and Wendy :)
Congratulations to all of you. You guys did a great job on the dance floor.. :)

Lamest thing we could find to do while waiting for our latin events to start from 9-2pm.. XD
But I did have fun :3

Special thanks to Max, Tommy and Bel for all the photos and videos.
Thanks Tow Guan for fetching us for breakfast.
Thanks Wendy & Claudia for the make-ups and dressing up.
Thanks my lovely partner Hollie for rocking the dance floor with me.
Thanks to another lovely partner of mine, Thomas who tried very very hard even though you are still sick..
Thanks dad for coming and cheering for us.. :)
Thanks Royce, Auntie Merle and whoever who taught me and correct me with my dance moves..
love you guys !!!~ xoxo


I went to cut my hair even shorter... lol... Waste money XD
I prefer short hair than long hair though.. At least I can get rid of all the hair treatments and stuffs.. And my hair dry faster...=x What do you think?? better?? kekeke

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Holidays

What am I doing recently? haha... Nothing but just enjoy eating and sleeping.. ngiek ngiek..
I have to repay back all the sacrifices of my stomach for the previous weeks due to that stupid jaw thingy. I haven't done the report I was supposed to submit after my internship and I haven't meet my agent to confirm which Uni I'm going :p
All I did was just slacking at home and Pavillion. =.= A walking dead meat.. :p
Was planning to clear all the stock of my online boutique but I'm lazzzzzyyyy.
In 2 months time I'll be leaving to UK, but I did nothing. =.= Haven't apply my visa, haven't reply the university.. Lol... Dad is more nervous than I do.
I hope I could get cheap air tickets to HK or Guang Zhou so I get to make a few new dance costumes and dancing shoes... Can't wait :)))))

Went for Thai food in Pavillion after B finished the exams.
p.s the above toy is a RABBIT. not a bird and definitely not 2 fingers !!!! I don't see how you guys can say it's a bird =.=
Yummy clear Tom Yam Soup.
Fresh prawns wrapped with egg noodles
Mango Salad with Soft shell Crab
Tiger Prawn Phad Thai
Sotong favorite green curry :)

My competition is tomorrow. And I'm super nervous now. We didn't practice much due to the stupid jaw and my pity partner just diagnosed with food poisoning yesterday :(((
Hopefully it won't be awful and embarrassing..


Posted in Chictopia
haha. I think I'm nuts. At least my sister thinks so..
I took sooooo long to get this pose done..
Before that I was just swinging myself playing with Poco and Bel just snapped it. And I was like.. Hmmm not bad..
She then continued taking this stupid pose and get annoyed cause I kept asking her to take again and again .. hahahaha XD
My hands were sore lifting my whole body and call me a good pretender; by judging my expression I think it looks easy.
Bel was like :" You better don't fall off the stairs again or else you won't be able to join the competition tomorrow."
Dad totally ignored us as he was chionging to reach the 1st ranking in Bejewelled @.@
I know I'm lame... Bare with me... :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The big feast

Yay~! Sotong finally can eat now.. And yea I'm back from SG.. :p
Miss my lappie and my bed :3 Haha I definitely will die without my lappie :(
B brought me for brunch today.. We had Bagel ~~ *yum yum*
Love the cream cheese and Pepperoni XD
Nothing to do after I stopped my internship, so all I do is to eat eat and eat non stop.. ;)

Dinner @ Dao Rae ..weeeeee~

The side dishes are yummy.. Love the egg :) Unlimited refill :p

Sotong's favorite *wink*

Ginseng chicken bla bla (forgot the name) Not bad, can compare with the one I had in Korea.. teeeheee~

B's Favourite.. taste like lamb soup more than kimchi tofu soup :p but not bad..
Haha, I'm going around to eat whatever I could before I leave to Uk. Or else I'll be missing all the food here T_T
Luckily I'm not a oriental food person.. I hate rice.. :p

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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Dad bought each both of us a blazer cause we wanted. :p hahahahahaha.. Yea, no kidding, it's the one I spotted in Zara... yay~~~!!!! same color same size... yeeepeeee geng!~ Thanks dad <333


I went to Pavillion and had lunch with dad. Two of use went for 5 course meal.. It was soooooooooooooo full. XD he said since I couldn't eat for so long so he brought me there for good food.. :3 Thanks dad..

This is my most favourite of all :) Yummy~ It's mango+sago+strawberry+grapefruit+ICE CREAM!!!~~~