Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Holidays

What am I doing recently? haha... Nothing but just enjoy eating and sleeping.. ngiek ngiek..
I have to repay back all the sacrifices of my stomach for the previous weeks due to that stupid jaw thingy. I haven't done the report I was supposed to submit after my internship and I haven't meet my agent to confirm which Uni I'm going :p
All I did was just slacking at home and Pavillion. =.= A walking dead meat.. :p
Was planning to clear all the stock of my online boutique but I'm lazzzzzyyyy.
In 2 months time I'll be leaving to UK, but I did nothing. =.= Haven't apply my visa, haven't reply the university.. Lol... Dad is more nervous than I do.
I hope I could get cheap air tickets to HK or Guang Zhou so I get to make a few new dance costumes and dancing shoes... Can't wait :)))))

Went for Thai food in Pavillion after B finished the exams.
p.s the above toy is a RABBIT. not a bird and definitely not 2 fingers !!!! I don't see how you guys can say it's a bird =.=
Yummy clear Tom Yam Soup.
Fresh prawns wrapped with egg noodles
Mango Salad with Soft shell Crab
Tiger Prawn Phad Thai
Sotong favorite green curry :)

My competition is tomorrow. And I'm super nervous now. We didn't practice much due to the stupid jaw and my pity partner just diagnosed with food poisoning yesterday :(((
Hopefully it won't be awful and embarrassing..


Posted in Chictopia
haha. I think I'm nuts. At least my sister thinks so..
I took sooooo long to get this pose done..
Before that I was just swinging myself playing with Poco and Bel just snapped it. And I was like.. Hmmm not bad..
She then continued taking this stupid pose and get annoyed cause I kept asking her to take again and again .. hahahaha XD
My hands were sore lifting my whole body and call me a good pretender; by judging my expression I think it looks easy.
Bel was like :" You better don't fall off the stairs again or else you won't be able to join the competition tomorrow."
Dad totally ignored us as he was chionging to reach the 1st ranking in Bejewelled @.@
I know I'm lame... Bare with me... :)

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