Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The big feast

Yay~! Sotong finally can eat now.. And yea I'm back from SG.. :p
Miss my lappie and my bed :3 Haha I definitely will die without my lappie :(
B brought me for brunch today.. We had Bagel ~~ *yum yum*
Love the cream cheese and Pepperoni XD
Nothing to do after I stopped my internship, so all I do is to eat eat and eat non stop.. ;)

Dinner @ Dao Rae ..weeeeee~

The side dishes are yummy.. Love the egg :) Unlimited refill :p

Sotong's favorite *wink*

Ginseng chicken bla bla (forgot the name) Not bad, can compare with the one I had in Korea.. teeeheee~

B's Favourite.. taste like lamb soup more than kimchi tofu soup :p but not bad..
Haha, I'm going around to eat whatever I could before I leave to Uk. Or else I'll be missing all the food here T_T
Luckily I'm not a oriental food person.. I hate rice.. :p


Kaimin said...

hey hey u paktuo liao?

Reanne said...

hahaha... tak de lar.. :p
waiting you to intro me some... XD