Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pamper Myself ^^

Today is Mommy's birthday.. Happy Birthday mum.. Didn't manage to buy her a lot of food.. We only bring her a cake... *ahem ahem* sorry... but anyhow.. happy birthday to you..
Went to Cellnique for facial treatment. Its been a year since I get my face done >.<
Due to the loads of assignments I used to have and the stress I've gone thru, my face is full of breakouts and acne now.. sob sob T_T
Maybe because of my serious constipation and lack of sleep too. =.="
Anyway, Im broke now and I seriously need a job to earn back my pocket money, anyone? hahaha XD
Im going to Bangkok tomorrow.. with Ham and papa.. hope this will be a fun trip.. I have plans all over my head and I just cant wait till i get there..
Hope that I wont get shot by those people there due to the chaos and protest... =3

Im spending as if i have lots of money. =.="

Hahaha.. went out the whole day. very exhausted but its fun... wish i can do it everyday... XD

1st destination : Mid Valley
Seriously need to head to the gym nowadays.. been chubby and I THINK I SAW MY DOUBLE CHIN !!!!! T_T come on lar. I know some of you might be thinking : wtf, you are thin enough already pls... but seriously, i put on weight because of pasar malam, rojak, deserts, ice creams, finals, stress etc etc.. I did put on weight!!! (Not going to mention how much. but i did).. Dad even asked me not to eat so much if I don't want to grow fat. He also told me that he won't pay for me for any slimming programme >.<>

2nnd destination : Sunway Pyramid
Poor me...Then, I went for lunch with Choon & his gf. Omg.. waited him for like an hour or two. But forget about it, its not their fault. Its the stupid bus driver =.=" While waiting for them, I decided to head to MPH instead of walking around at the mall.. (LOL.. so not me.. )Went to find some books.. couldn't find the "Pet Semetry" Sobs.. I want that book!!! After that, I've been trying to read the book AnnaBel is reading -->"5 People you meet in Heaven".. Its non-fiction... one word to describe -- BORING. But Nonie wants me to finish that book.. >.< food ="3">

Went home after my lunch to meet Ham and we went to Pyramid to buy some stuff before we go to Bangkok. Didn't manage to find anything we want and we ended up went for Pedicure.. OMG.. >..<>
girl : aiyerrr why u put ah neh neh nail colour????
me : haaaaaa.. I thought of trying something new... not bad what...
girl : actually, I have the same colour as urs (swt swt swt...)
me : icic.. so you are ah neh neh also? haha
girl : haha..bye
me : bye
*lame conversation*
crap a lot with them and I almost forgot that I need to rush back for my dance class >.<

3rd Destination : Pasar Malam
Went to fetch Jesx and Alfred. I guess its the last time we could see them until we came back from Bangkok.. After makan makan I fetch them back and I need to rush to my dance class.

4th Destination : Dance Class
Today, we are learning Paso dance. Hmm at first I think this dance is a bit weird. cause its like we need to imagine we are holding a cloth or something like a cloth and dance. expression must be very solemn but I failed.. been laughing till the end of class.=.="
I like their steps but it looks weird on me.. Maybe I'm a bit too soft.. But I saw this uncle.. that used to punch and hit us when he was dancing(He hit us almost everytime when he is dancing ) dance very well.. haha maybe this dance are meant for him.. he stomp the floor very very hard and pose very very hard n stiff (is suppose to be very energetic.. thats what he has =.= no wonder he can do so well). The teacher kept asking us to imagine that we are dancing with a bull. well, i think that uncle can dance so well because he is so "niu"...hahaha

5th Destination : Pasar malam (again!!!)
Bought rojak as my supper.. Im not going to loose weight if I continue eating like that..But i just love fruit rojak so so much.. sorry.. ngiek ngiek. XD

Thats all for today.. GOOD NIGHT... muacksss <3

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dad's 50th Birthday

Thats dad with his friends... I insist. that my dad look younger than anyone inside.. although he is not... bleh=p
well, i dont know why am i posing like that with a stupid face expression. but this is the best photo of us that night..
It's just dad being himself. >..< 18pl

tadaaaaa.. compare both cakes.. Don't you think that the right one is way more betteR?
both uncle in Pink shirts.. OMG
AnnaBel & Maria
Okay.. It's the first time she sing in front of so many people. so give her a credit... *clapssss*
us with Grandma~
Again >.< hahaha focus on AnnaBel.. Height does matter..!!!
Dad with Vanessa, Jonathan, Brandon & Pedro
Dad with Aunt Anna, Uncle Simon
Dad with Melvin & Choon
Dad with Joulyn & Celine
Dad with Aunt Lily & Uncle Hock Keng
Dad with grandma
Dad with Aunt Suet Boey n gu zhang
Dad with Sam n family
Dad with grandma
Dad with 5th Aunt n family
Dad with Aik Khai n Jess
Dad with 2nd Uncle
Dad with Huey Fang & Family
Dad with Khai Lieh
Dad with Khai Shin & Shu Tong
Dad with 4th Aunt n UncleDad with Chee Chan, Claudia & Maria
Dad with Yuen Huey & Wai Leong
Dad with Max n SHayne
Dad with Ham n Jess
Dad with Godfather n Uncle Victor
Hmm somebody turned old now.. Its half a century.
Anyhow, stay strong, stay young, stay healthy always.
Whatever happens you are always my best dad ever.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why did u do that to me?

You don't just go to somebody and point your gun at them. They won't know what they had done to u or what they did.
Think yourself, did you or did you not say it in a proper way? or its just all my fault?
If u think that I'm the one who is wrong from the beginning, then you won.
You ruined my day, I don't have any mood doing my work. I can't even focus on my 3D.
I'm drowning my face with tears now, its all your fault. ! !
U knew that its been 4 days since I last went to bed. I've been rushing my ass off for the final on Tuesday, you know that is important to me.But, is this HOW you suppose to treat me?
Sometimes, think in both way please, when you don't want people to treat you the way you treated me, chang it.

I've been controlling my temper for quite some time, and I always think that I'm doing really great on that.
Today, I realized that I finally made it. I did not fought back. I just kept quiet and let u won. (sry, I still insist that I'm not wrong)
But, I also realized one thing, when I step back and not yelling back at you by controlling my temper, I ended up crying non stop in the room alone without anyone knowing what is the true story behind the scene.

I wish mum could be here, I'm sure she will definitely understand the situation and not judging them by just looking at it.
I'm not crying because we quarreled. I'm crying because I thought u were an understanding sister, but today you are not.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Making of Dad's 50th Birthday Cake

The Progress of dad's birthday cake
Here are the "instructions" on making a fruit sponge cake

Step 1 : Prepare all the ingredients..
Step 2 : Take a picture with the ingredients (but do not play with the knives)
Step 3: Put all the ingredients into the mixer.
Step 4: Take another picture with the mixer.... wth...LOL
Step 5 : After u mix all the ingredients, put it into the oven and bake.
Step 6 : Slice the cake into 3 even parts
Step 7 : Put the fruits on top of each layer evenly.
Step 8 : Do the same step for 3 layers.
Step 9 : Snap a photo with the cake... LOL XD omg
Step 10 : Its time to apply the cream!! Beat the cream until it wont drip when u put it on top of ur head.. (upside down of course) =3
Step 11 : Pose with the cream.. omg.. AnnaBel is going to kill me when she see this.. (Don't kill me pls )
Step 12 : Apply the cream evenly on the cake.. LOL... look how pro is Assistant Ham. XD
Step 13 : Tadaa.. use the knife to make all the cream look even.
Step 14 : Start to put all the fruits
Step 15 : Apply Apricot Glaze to hold the fruits
Step 16 : Decorate the cake with tiny love <3
Step 17 : Sprinkle walnut beside the cake

Step 18 : Taaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaa... The cake is done now.. nice right.. XD

Was suppose to rush my assignment, but too bad we spent lots of time on that..
But I think its worth it.. Love the cake.. Can't wait to taste it.
If anyone interested to have this cake as your birthday cake, pls contact AnnaBel =)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weeee~ I finally found my formal bottom.

Went to pray my mum early in the morning... 6AM!!!
We couldn't see anything because its too dark.. We need to find my mum's grave by using matches.. AnnaBel and I was like... "Are u sure this is the right one?"
We thought there will be lots of people.. mana tau =.=" nobody at all... >.<>

He is a male pincher. hyper active dog!!!
I also found out something interesting about this dog.. ngiek ngiek.
I was told that this dog has only one testicle..
The father of this dog has only one too!! I guess this is the gen of the family >..<.. and 9 male puppies were born at the first time (that was the time when TOTO was born). Then, 5 male puppies were born last month.. (haha, one of them are going to join my family soon) There comes a conclusion --- Dogs with one testicles only can produce male puppies. XD
*clinical proven*
See if u spotted.. the tiny 'ball'
No kidding... seriously.. only ONE!!!!

I finally bought my high waist skirt...
Lol.... sotong's OL look... =)