Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weeee~ I finally found my formal bottom.

Went to pray my mum early in the morning... 6AM!!!
We couldn't see anything because its too dark.. We need to find my mum's grave by using matches.. AnnaBel and I was like... "Are u sure this is the right one?"
We thought there will be lots of people.. mana tau =.=" nobody at all... >.<>

He is a male pincher. hyper active dog!!!
I also found out something interesting about this dog.. ngiek ngiek.
I was told that this dog has only one testicle..
The father of this dog has only one too!! I guess this is the gen of the family >..<.. and 9 male puppies were born at the first time (that was the time when TOTO was born). Then, 5 male puppies were born last month.. (haha, one of them are going to join my family soon) There comes a conclusion --- Dogs with one testicles only can produce male puppies. XD
*clinical proven*
See if u spotted.. the tiny 'ball'
No kidding... seriously.. only ONE!!!!

I finally bought my high waist skirt...
Lol.... sotong's OL look... =)

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