Monday, April 6, 2009

The Making of Dad's 50th Birthday Cake

The Progress of dad's birthday cake
Here are the "instructions" on making a fruit sponge cake

Step 1 : Prepare all the ingredients..
Step 2 : Take a picture with the ingredients (but do not play with the knives)
Step 3: Put all the ingredients into the mixer.
Step 4: Take another picture with the mixer.... wth...LOL
Step 5 : After u mix all the ingredients, put it into the oven and bake.
Step 6 : Slice the cake into 3 even parts
Step 7 : Put the fruits on top of each layer evenly.
Step 8 : Do the same step for 3 layers.
Step 9 : Snap a photo with the cake... LOL XD omg
Step 10 : Its time to apply the cream!! Beat the cream until it wont drip when u put it on top of ur head.. (upside down of course) =3
Step 11 : Pose with the cream.. omg.. AnnaBel is going to kill me when she see this.. (Don't kill me pls )
Step 12 : Apply the cream evenly on the cake.. LOL... look how pro is Assistant Ham. XD
Step 13 : Tadaa.. use the knife to make all the cream look even.
Step 14 : Start to put all the fruits
Step 15 : Apply Apricot Glaze to hold the fruits
Step 16 : Decorate the cake with tiny love <3
Step 17 : Sprinkle walnut beside the cake

Step 18 : Taaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaa... The cake is done now.. nice right.. XD

Was suppose to rush my assignment, but too bad we spent lots of time on that..
But I think its worth it.. Love the cake.. Can't wait to taste it.
If anyone interested to have this cake as your birthday cake, pls contact AnnaBel =)

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