Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why did u do that to me?

You don't just go to somebody and point your gun at them. They won't know what they had done to u or what they did.
Think yourself, did you or did you not say it in a proper way? or its just all my fault?
If u think that I'm the one who is wrong from the beginning, then you won.
You ruined my day, I don't have any mood doing my work. I can't even focus on my 3D.
I'm drowning my face with tears now, its all your fault. ! !
U knew that its been 4 days since I last went to bed. I've been rushing my ass off for the final on Tuesday, you know that is important to me.But, is this HOW you suppose to treat me?
Sometimes, think in both way please, when you don't want people to treat you the way you treated me, chang it.

I've been controlling my temper for quite some time, and I always think that I'm doing really great on that.
Today, I realized that I finally made it. I did not fought back. I just kept quiet and let u won. (sry, I still insist that I'm not wrong)
But, I also realized one thing, when I step back and not yelling back at you by controlling my temper, I ended up crying non stop in the room alone without anyone knowing what is the true story behind the scene.

I wish mum could be here, I'm sure she will definitely understand the situation and not judging them by just looking at it.
I'm not crying because we quarreled. I'm crying because I thought u were an understanding sister, but today you are not.

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