Friday, May 22, 2009

Weeee~ UK I'm coming

Yesterday my school had a seminar from Teesside University. This is the University that has twinning programme with my college. That U is just beside the beach... wuuuhooo... surfing, sun-tanning im coming. X) Besides that, this U was the 2nd best art & design school in UK ^^.
For those who love football, is just few minutes away.. =p But too bad their shopping centre is never as good as those we have here >.<

They offer us RM80k (everything included. Visa, a new lappie, accomodation, daily expenses, fees...etc) for the degree programme around 9 months.. Its just 9 months!!! But if we apply from the school, we are able to get 2 years visa to find a job there after we got our degree.. This is great!!! LOL....

I cant wait to go there... *saliva dripping* Here i come UK.. weeeee~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 2nd day :)

Hmmm today is the second day after I started "Sher". i only received two confirmed order. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad one.. But anyhow, it's my first time and it might take time. Well, I guess all I can do is to wait and wait... LOL.. but hopefully I won't wait till my neck is long XD

I really need to thanks to those who supported "Sher" and contributed just to make us successful. Last but not least, thanks to those who bought from us too.. Appreciate it :)


Nowadays, Poco seemed to like my dad a lot.. Because he is feeding him all the time >.<
I'm way to busy to play with him, but I'll at least spend some time with him each day. Today, I was sitting at the sofa, looking at Annabel and dad playing with Poco... That scene was so unforgetable, I have no idea why.. Maybe I just love it when my family get along and spend their time on something they like. I wish mum was here too.. That will be great~

Introducing the Brand new online boutique ~Sher~

Taaaaadaaaaaaa~ The online boutique "Sher" is in town now...
Don't miss it... Check it out @
I actually bought some also... Well, not some >.<>
Each design they only have limited quantity.. So first come first serve^^...

Hahaha... I can't imagine I'm doing this without any help of an adult. XD I guess I should start learning by now.. :) This is also the first time I went to the bank and open my own account. Travel to get my clothes from supplier, contact them and etc. I always thought starting a biz will be easy, but it turns out to be the opposite.. ITS NOT AS EASY AS U THOUGHT =.=" But, I think this will be a great experience of my life.

FYI. The brand "Sher" was registered. Dad told me it took him 10 years to get the brand because a lot of people thinks that we are copying their brand name until dad showed them our birth cert. He also said that he & mum often went to the court to settle all the court cases of this brand.. Finally, we got it!!! Although mum is no longer with us. But I'm pretty sure she will be proud of what we are doing. =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My new Miniature Pinscher -- PoCo

hello.. Im Poco the miniature pinscher... =p
im 7 weeks old and I'm a male dog..
I love to pose in front of the camera.
I love to bite newspaper and made my owner run all over just to chase me..

weeee~ I have a new puppy again...
As what my cousin-in-law told me..
Having a dog at home is a lot like taking care of a baby.
If we decided to take them home, we have the responsible to take care of them.
We need to train them, play with them, feed them, clean them...bla bla bla etc.
I have 4 dogs now. And Im in charge on everything of this dog.
I totally can understand why my dad complain a lot.
Cause taking care of a dog its a very hard task and he is taking care of the other 3 >.<
But the satisfaction u can get from training your puppy is always the best.
Especially when the follow your command and stick with you like a baby..
LOL. I'm falling in love with my new puppy. <3>