Friday, May 22, 2009

Weeee~ UK I'm coming

Yesterday my school had a seminar from Teesside University. This is the University that has twinning programme with my college. That U is just beside the beach... wuuuhooo... surfing, sun-tanning im coming. X) Besides that, this U was the 2nd best art & design school in UK ^^.
For those who love football, is just few minutes away.. =p But too bad their shopping centre is never as good as those we have here >.<

They offer us RM80k (everything included. Visa, a new lappie, accomodation, daily expenses, fees...etc) for the degree programme around 9 months.. Its just 9 months!!! But if we apply from the school, we are able to get 2 years visa to find a job there after we got our degree.. This is great!!! LOL....

I cant wait to go there... *saliva dripping* Here i come UK.. weeeee~

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