Thursday, June 4, 2009

A little bit of me <3

okaaay.. sorry was very busy recently.. (busy mapling >.<) hahahaha
yea.. I'm back to maple again.. Good in a way, bad in another. X)
The most important part still goes to the TIME MANAGEMENT. =)
This sem, we will be doing retail project.. I've selected my site at Pavillion. The given floor plan was a squarish one with double volume... Hmmm..
I've also chosen MAC Cosmetics as my client instead or bridal house.. To me, MAC sounds more interesting.. =D
Concept : Abstract colour (hmmmmmm abstract=simply arrange ? lol)
Theme & style : Moulin Rouge (LOL.. like I know what was tht.. I really have no idea.. I knew it is a movie.. and it is a place in Paris... with cabarat shows.. can can dance etc. .. but still I insist using this cause I would like to work it out and see whats the outcome ^^)
Inspired by : jackson Pollock (Check this guy out.. abstract expressionism)
Lol... Don't scratch your head when you are reading this.. I sound more like I'm talking to myself... Just being very excited on this project...
Can't wait to see whats the outcome... (lame

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