Friday, June 5, 2009

WTH?? How can this happened?

After my dinner, Ham called me and told me a shocking news.
I was told that Max & YH was robbed in Mid Valley !!!!! MID VALLEY... the place I hang out every lunch break, the place where my school is located..
This was not the first time I heard of Crime cases in Mid Valley. I even received tons of emails asking us to be aware of Mid Valley's car park.
But this time, it was in the Centre Court of MV... i was told that the both of them are robbed in the Centre Court by a few "huge" man.. (Ham said they look like gangster). They brought them to Delifrance and took their handphones and even asked them to go to ATM and withdraw all their money from the bank....
WTH.. Its school holidays now, and no doubt MV will have lots of people... How can this happened? Aren't there people walking passed? Why can't they just shout for help? Im sure there is a security guard or maybe any passer-by that will help..
Pity them >.< How can these people just robbed somebody in the shopping centre where there is lots of people.. T___T
Nowadays, I think there is no place that u can say its safe.. sigh~~~
When I left the gym, I met both of them.. OMGosh.. that time I was walking to the car park alone.... @..@ waaaaa how scary is this... =.="

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