Monday, March 31, 2008

Rest In peace ~Bao Bao

Rest in peace~ sob sob..
Don't be sad... U still have Bi Bi.
Ill accompany u to buy another new "Bao Bao"..
Cheer up.. Is not ur fault...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Awww~ My car.

Had a little accident today.. T_T
I was parking my car in front of the entrance of mid valley car park, then a car suddenly speed at the corner and "drift in" without noticing the appearance of my car. The driver knew he couldn't break on time so he kept flash and hon at me.. I was totally stunned that time..*panic panic*. No doubt, I quickly avoid or else I will be facing a severe accident. *yeeekk ekkk eeeek* my car was scratching the wall while I avoid the stupid car. WHO TELL HELL WILL SPEED IN A CAR PARK?? THAT ISN'T COOL MAN. I quickly went to and have a look at my car.. WTH... My car was totally dented. Some part of the paint was off.. I can see the paint of car on the floor. GOSH.. How am I going to deal this with dad. For sure, he wont believe what had just happened.
He must be thinking that I'm lying or creating a story to him. Without hesitate, I smsed him and told him the whole incedent, and he replied a short message with"ok, take care".. WHOAH~~ THATS SO WEIRD.. He is not even asking me what happened. =p My heart was beating so fast when the car almost bang on me... I can feel and imagine the momentum of the car crash.. Scary man... By the way, Im glad that Im safe..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spongebob Found Dead in Seragoon Road

AWW~ SPongebob Found dead in Seragoon Road..
This spongebob looks a bit tanned. I think he just came back from the beach.
Poor Spongebob... T_T
hahahahahahaha.. I received this mail and I can't stop laughing..
I'm going to laugh my ass off.. OMG... wakakakakaka..
(didn't meant to be rude,but i just love spongebob a lot)
This is my favourite Spongebob from all my collection.. XD
I got this from Mcdonald with Chie.
But I always think that mine looks better than hers.. bleh....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Blogging in the middle of the night at 2:11am? Im not insane,but I just couldn't get in the bed. I was very sleepy until something happened that made me can't fall asleep then... ARGH
I was in Msn chatting as usual and suddenly there was a notice pop up and said that i couldn't log in because someone in the other side had logged in.. At first, I thought it was just msn problem so I relogged..But I just couldn't relog, it kept saying that my my emailadress or password are incorrect. I tried with my hotmail as well, but it said the same things. I quickly try on random password and suddenly I'm able to log in (I'm 100% sure that I'm not using that password). People start to chat with me like I was chatting with them. Then, I noticed that I was hacked. This "hacker" keep logged in in the other side and i kept clicking"forgot my password" for about 7 times until he stopped.
As what my friend told me, that "hacker" was telling them something about freelance job, he/she was asking them do they have any job recently.. I wonder who will do this to me. Why there are peoples who hack MSN accounts int he middle of the night. I don;t know this "hacker" is aiming me or he just picked people randomly. But what I can say is that :" You are such a lame person, don't you have other meaningful things to do instead of hacking my msn account IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?" But whatever it is, Please Stop.~! This isn't fun~This "Password changing marathon" made me awake and I couldn't sleep at all. Haiz..~ What a Bad Day. God bless~

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pity Toe Nail T_T

Sob.... My forth toe nail broke off.. =(
I kicked myself and the toe nail went off.. It's hanging half way there... THATS HURT!!

Awwwww~ I can't wear nice shoe now... got to wait until my nail fully grown...T_T

I went to gym early in the morning. Before that I had my instant miso soup and a packet of "Hello Panda". I planned to have only a sushi or 2 after the gym but I end up ate marmite chicken + chicken chop rice.. After class I bought a personal pizza and I ate 2 slices... ARGH.... wasted my 1 hour workout in the gym =.="

Tommorow onwards I really got to control my meal..
x junkfood
x sweets or candy
x cheese cake T_T
x no ice cream
x buscuits.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Exhausted Days~

21.3.2008 Friday
I was sick today, maybe because i caught in the rain yesterday. Luckily i bought "Diflamme" tablets. These tablets are so EFFECTIVE. I ate two and my condition starts to turn well. But, I still skipped Moral class and went home for a nap because I'm going back to my secondary school to watch their performance. I took a quick bath and drove my sis to ham's house. We then reached school at about 7pm and the performance ended at about 10pm. We went to Uma Rani for our supper since Ham and I missed the Roti Tissue so so so much. All of us sat down with Zi Jun & Zhao Ying with their bf there until almost 1am.. WHOAH.. I totally forgot I'm still not feeling well XD ngiek ngiek.

22.3.2008 Saturday
Woke up at 5:30am because got to fetch bugs to get her 150 packets of nasi lemak to school... OMG. I was editing my new blog until 2am last night... =.=" What to do.. i promised her. After I fetched her to school, i back to bed in no doubt because I got to go back to school later at about 11am for her Canteen Day. The place was so crowded until I only found my parking lots after half an hour >"< The weather was EXTREMELY hot..So regret to go back school.
But, luckily I met quite a few of my classmates =) Unexpctedly, Darren came by and say hi to me @.@ I was totally out that time, I can't even think of a thing.. I'm totally shocked. (Ham said i was blushing that time =.=")
After the canteen day, got to rush back home and make up ASAP to go for the event. We were required to wear tubes and hot pants or denim short skirts. zzzzz. Both me and ham were totally the road idiots. We went on the wrong way for 2 times and we finally reach the place at 8pm(event starts at 7pm).It was a pub and bistro and we saw many "nice" cars parking outside. The event started in a short while after we reached. Saw 2 girls from pratique.. Ngiek ngiek. The emcee told all the models to be prepared because we got to take photos with the car outside on the spot. Kinda stupid =.= I hate that.. They told us that most of their clients were here so we got to post the best pose we could so that those clients will gave us the job.. WTH.. I felt that I was so used by them =..= Then we got to go on the stage one by one to introduce ourself... and the stupid emcee missed out my name =.= So embaress.... Went for supper with the 2 Pratique girls and reached home at 2am...*yawn*

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Not Invisible~

I started to realize that People around me didn't seem to care about anything I said. Even if I repeated it for lots of time, after awhile everything will be forgotten again. >"<
I'm not trying to pull attention from anyone, all I need is just a little concern and caring from them.
Please don't make me look like I'm talking to the wall. T_T
The moment when i noticed that, it really hurts. Maybe sometimes u might forgot some of them but not most of them..sob.

I'm back to the days when I was in TOA, full of assignments and stress.
Pc will be on till the next day and daily routine will go upside down. Of course.. Temper will be affected.
ARGH~ Where are my motivations? Why can't I concentrate doing my stuffs? Aww~

Went to pyramid and meet up with Vicky. She was so pity la weii.
But we ate a lot. Jusco Food Court-->Deli Nasi Lemak-->Yogur Berry DOUBLE ice cream =p
HAHA... Fat fat lor =x


I wanted to changed the template of my old blog because im sick of it.
But, end up RUINED IT. sob.. I miss my old post. Dont think that i'll repost it here.
But, the HTML kills me.. I'm so regret that I didn't pay attention during the HTML class in secondary.. T_T
And thanks to Rumiko, Vicky and Gordon for the help..
SOrry to disturb as well.. Muacksssss..
By the way, If u wanna visit my stupid old blog.. U can always link back to "".
But, just let u know, It's no longer pinkish and full with sotong, I ruined it so I just simply picked a template..(I know its ugly =x)
~ Have fun with my blog~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


-Welcome to the new blog
-Sorry I lost all the links, so if you happened to see this, pls let me know the link to your blog... T_T thanks