Friday, March 28, 2008

Awww~ My car.

Had a little accident today.. T_T
I was parking my car in front of the entrance of mid valley car park, then a car suddenly speed at the corner and "drift in" without noticing the appearance of my car. The driver knew he couldn't break on time so he kept flash and hon at me.. I was totally stunned that time..*panic panic*. No doubt, I quickly avoid or else I will be facing a severe accident. *yeeekk ekkk eeeek* my car was scratching the wall while I avoid the stupid car. WHO TELL HELL WILL SPEED IN A CAR PARK?? THAT ISN'T COOL MAN. I quickly went to and have a look at my car.. WTH... My car was totally dented. Some part of the paint was off.. I can see the paint of car on the floor. GOSH.. How am I going to deal this with dad. For sure, he wont believe what had just happened.
He must be thinking that I'm lying or creating a story to him. Without hesitate, I smsed him and told him the whole incedent, and he replied a short message with"ok, take care".. WHOAH~~ THATS SO WEIRD.. He is not even asking me what happened. =p My heart was beating so fast when the car almost bang on me... I can feel and imagine the momentum of the car crash.. Scary man... By the way, Im glad that Im safe..

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