Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pity Toe Nail T_T

Sob.... My forth toe nail broke off.. =(
I kicked myself and the toe nail went off.. It's hanging half way there... THATS HURT!!

Awwwww~ I can't wear nice shoe now... got to wait until my nail fully grown...T_T

I went to gym early in the morning. Before that I had my instant miso soup and a packet of "Hello Panda". I planned to have only a sushi or 2 after the gym but I end up ate marmite chicken + chicken chop rice.. After class I bought a personal pizza and I ate 2 slices... ARGH.... wasted my 1 hour workout in the gym =.="

Tommorow onwards I really got to control my meal..
x junkfood
x sweets or candy
x cheese cake T_T
x no ice cream
x buscuits.

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