Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Blogging in the middle of the night at 2:11am? Im not insane,but I just couldn't get in the bed. I was very sleepy until something happened that made me can't fall asleep then... ARGH
I was in Msn chatting as usual and suddenly there was a notice pop up and said that i couldn't log in because someone in the other side had logged in.. At first, I thought it was just msn problem so I relogged..But I just couldn't relog, it kept saying that my my emailadress or password are incorrect. I tried with my hotmail as well, but it said the same things. I quickly try on random password and suddenly I'm able to log in (I'm 100% sure that I'm not using that password). People start to chat with me like I was chatting with them. Then, I noticed that I was hacked. This "hacker" keep logged in in the other side and i kept clicking"forgot my password" for about 7 times until he stopped.
As what my friend told me, that "hacker" was telling them something about freelance job, he/she was asking them do they have any job recently.. I wonder who will do this to me. Why there are peoples who hack MSN accounts int he middle of the night. I don;t know this "hacker" is aiming me or he just picked people randomly. But what I can say is that :" You are such a lame person, don't you have other meaningful things to do instead of hacking my msn account IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?" But whatever it is, Please Stop.~! This isn't fun~This "Password changing marathon" made me awake and I couldn't sleep at all. Haiz..~ What a Bad Day. God bless~

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