Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Not Invisible~

I started to realize that People around me didn't seem to care about anything I said. Even if I repeated it for lots of time, after awhile everything will be forgotten again. >"<
I'm not trying to pull attention from anyone, all I need is just a little concern and caring from them.
Please don't make me look like I'm talking to the wall. T_T
The moment when i noticed that, it really hurts. Maybe sometimes u might forgot some of them but not most of them..sob.

I'm back to the days when I was in TOA, full of assignments and stress.
Pc will be on till the next day and daily routine will go upside down. Of course.. Temper will be affected.
ARGH~ Where are my motivations? Why can't I concentrate doing my stuffs? Aww~

Went to pyramid and meet up with Vicky. She was so pity la weii.
But we ate a lot. Jusco Food Court-->Deli Nasi Lemak-->Yogur Berry DOUBLE ice cream =p
HAHA... Fat fat lor =x

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