Thursday, June 25, 2009


haiz... It all started when I was eating my popiah gracefully in the MV food court. Enjoying my popiah because it been days since i ate something I like... (my wisdom tooth was killing me the past few days.) When I was chit-chatting while eating, i saw worms CRAWLING ALL OVER MY POPIAH... arghhhhhh how gross was that.. ish ish ish ish.. Those are live worms.... greenish and some of them are transparent.. eeeeeek.. and I've already eaten 2 pieces.. sob sob T_T I immediatly feel like puking.. zzzzz So max went to the stall and get 2 brand new popiah with no vege =x but who cares I finished up both.... too hungry.. XD

Then, when I reached home, I was suffering with pains on my newly grown wisdom tooth. So my dad bought me dinner cause I told him I need something light. But when i went downstairs, I only realized that he bought me POPIAH !!!! sweat.. and its salad popiah... I prefer not eating than eating the roll of popiah. LOL

The next day I was having a crap line. My line was unstable and I couldn't get online... I couldn't login to MSN and surfing the net.. But the weird part is I could went in to maple but with a laggy line.. I went in to the Cash Shop trying to 'kepo' on what sales they are having now.. While reading the descriptions on some items I don't know what had happened and I just bought something I didn't need at all. I did not click on it. and BOOM it appeared in my inventory.. sob sob.. gone my 3.5k acash.. zzzzzzz BAD LUCK BAD LUCK.

I decided to change my fake iphone back to my old motorola.. because I always mis-clicked when i was talking on the phone and just cut the line off.. so pissed off. zzzzz... So I went to shop for some bling bling in In-Q-Box. I bought two sets of bling at RM21.80. sob.... my purse is leaking... hahahah.

Later on, I went to Pasar Malam to have my dinner before my ballroom dancing class. And I found out something that made me feel like banging myself against the wall.. Those bling I bought in the shop were selling in pasar malam at 3 for RM10.. sob sob.... *bang bang bang*
Impulse buying kills my purse.... @..@------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
And I finally sick after struggling with all the pain on my wisdom tooth.. zzzz down with fever, cold n flu, sorethroat, bodyache..etc etc.. short for JACKPOT.... >.<
I took mc for one day amd sleeping at home the whole day.. doing nothing, couldn't think of any idea for my commercial design.. haiz.. Imma going to fail my sem.. sigh~

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