Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing the Brand new online boutique ~Sher~

Taaaaadaaaaaaa~ The online boutique "Sher" is in town now...
Don't miss it... Check it out @
I actually bought some also... Well, not some >.<>
Each design they only have limited quantity.. So first come first serve^^...

Hahaha... I can't imagine I'm doing this without any help of an adult. XD I guess I should start learning by now.. :) This is also the first time I went to the bank and open my own account. Travel to get my clothes from supplier, contact them and etc. I always thought starting a biz will be easy, but it turns out to be the opposite.. ITS NOT AS EASY AS U THOUGHT =.=" But, I think this will be a great experience of my life.

FYI. The brand "Sher" was registered. Dad told me it took him 10 years to get the brand because a lot of people thinks that we are copying their brand name until dad showed them our birth cert. He also said that he & mum often went to the court to settle all the court cases of this brand.. Finally, we got it!!! Although mum is no longer with us. But I'm pretty sure she will be proud of what we are doing. =)

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