Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My new Miniature Pinscher -- PoCo

hello.. Im Poco the miniature pinscher... =p
im 7 weeks old and I'm a male dog..
I love to pose in front of the camera.
I love to bite newspaper and made my owner run all over just to chase me..

weeee~ I have a new puppy again...
As what my cousin-in-law told me..
Having a dog at home is a lot like taking care of a baby.
If we decided to take them home, we have the responsible to take care of them.
We need to train them, play with them, feed them, clean them...bla bla bla etc.
I have 4 dogs now. And Im in charge on everything of this dog.
I totally can understand why my dad complain a lot.
Cause taking care of a dog its a very hard task and he is taking care of the other 3 >.<
But the satisfaction u can get from training your puppy is always the best.
Especially when the follow your command and stick with you like a baby..
LOL. I'm falling in love with my new puppy. <3>

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