Monday, April 20, 2009

Dad's 50th Birthday

Thats dad with his friends... I insist. that my dad look younger than anyone inside.. although he is not... bleh=p
well, i dont know why am i posing like that with a stupid face expression. but this is the best photo of us that night..
It's just dad being himself. >..< 18pl

tadaaaaa.. compare both cakes.. Don't you think that the right one is way more betteR?
both uncle in Pink shirts.. OMG
AnnaBel & Maria
Okay.. It's the first time she sing in front of so many people. so give her a credit... *clapssss*
us with Grandma~
Again >.< hahaha focus on AnnaBel.. Height does matter..!!!
Dad with Vanessa, Jonathan, Brandon & Pedro
Dad with Aunt Anna, Uncle Simon
Dad with Melvin & Choon
Dad with Joulyn & Celine
Dad with Aunt Lily & Uncle Hock Keng
Dad with grandma
Dad with Aunt Suet Boey n gu zhang
Dad with Sam n family
Dad with grandma
Dad with 5th Aunt n family
Dad with Aik Khai n Jess
Dad with 2nd Uncle
Dad with Huey Fang & Family
Dad with Khai Lieh
Dad with Khai Shin & Shu Tong
Dad with 4th Aunt n UncleDad with Chee Chan, Claudia & Maria
Dad with Yuen Huey & Wai Leong
Dad with Max n SHayne
Dad with Ham n Jess
Dad with Godfather n Uncle Victor
Hmm somebody turned old now.. Its half a century.
Anyhow, stay strong, stay young, stay healthy always.
Whatever happens you are always my best dad ever.

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