Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm in love with my dance.

The Kuala Lumpur Open Dance Championships 2010 was held today in Wisma OCM.
It was tired as usual. But I've already used to the rushing part between beginner event and open ladies latin event. I barely could speak with no voice. Couldn't cheer for them too :(
Anyway, It was a fun experience :)
Got 4 certs and 2 medal. I'm happy enough :p
All the competitors from Danceworld & Uncle William :D
~~~ Congratulations ~~~

My partner, me and Uncle William.

Me and my beginner event partner showing off our certs and the medal :D
Thanks and congratulations to my partner for going through all the hard times practicing and trying to slim down.. Appreciate them a lot :)
*ignore my droppy eyes. My doubled-up eye lash is making my eyes so tired.*

Me and my lovely ladies partner. Got 3rd place in our open ladies latin event :)
We definitely make a great partnership. Thanks and congratulations on the achievements in your beginner events.

Hollie and her beginner event partner, Tow Guan.

Gary and Wendy :)
Congratulations to all of you. You guys did a great job on the dance floor.. :)

Lamest thing we could find to do while waiting for our latin events to start from 9-2pm.. XD
But I did have fun :3

Special thanks to Max, Tommy and Bel for all the photos and videos.
Thanks Tow Guan for fetching us for breakfast.
Thanks Wendy & Claudia for the make-ups and dressing up.
Thanks my lovely partner Hollie for rocking the dance floor with me.
Thanks to another lovely partner of mine, Thomas who tried very very hard even though you are still sick..
Thanks dad for coming and cheering for us.. :)
Thanks Royce, Auntie Merle and whoever who taught me and correct me with my dance moves..
love you guys !!!~ xoxo


I went to cut my hair even shorter... lol... Waste money XD
I prefer short hair than long hair though.. At least I can get rid of all the hair treatments and stuffs.. And my hair dry faster...=x What do you think?? better?? kekeke

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