Monday, June 28, 2010

The China & HK Trip

This trip was decided in a rush. But we still managed to book our flight ticket. The only thing is they ain't cheap. It's my bad for dragging this too long and made it a last minute thing. haha.. Our first stop was to GuangZhou. We took a 5am flight, so have to reach the airport around 3am. I barely sleep =.= Was a floating zombie when I reached the airport.

Checked into the hotel and went straight to the street where they sell and rent costumes. The whole freaking street are all shops that sell costumes from dancing costume to any performances costume, just name it and they have it. I even spotted a very cute hello kitty costume.. Haha.. But their choices of Latin costumes ain't that much. Most of the shops only allow to custom make Latin costumes with a minimum amount of 10. We were there almost half a day but we get nothing. :( What a waste !!

We then went to a Japanese Restaurant Buffet with dad's friends. Ate lots and lots of seafood until we could barely walk. haha.. XDThe rest of the days will be shopping and shopping and shopping. Unfortunately, Bel's camera was dead when we were on the way to ShenZhen so we didn't get a lot of photo after that.. :(

Went to Bei Jing Road the next day.. Super pack.. the weather was sooooooo humid. it's like walking in the basement of a complex. It's killing ~!

Check out the crowd.. Mad pack

Coca Cola Kiosk

We have Crocodile and they have CLIO CODDLE
Their local brand, the stuff in there are not cheap and they actually have lots of branches.. :p
I actually saw lots of people wearing it though :3

Another one... @.@
We have Pierre Cardin and they have Pearl Cabin... wakakkakakaka.... lmao

Another cute Coca Cola kiosk

Okay,here is where Bel's Camera dead.. No more photos until I develop my Lomo film... >.<


zyniz said...

So envy !!!! Post more pics , i never been to china !

Reanne said...

Sure thing.. After I develop my photos from the film.. :)
haha.. what else can I say about CHina...
GOOD FOOD *yum yum*