Thursday, July 1, 2010

The sailor that walks under the rain

I woke up with swollen eyes and I'm late for work.. Didn't really have time to blow and curl my hair so uhm this is it.. What a random-weirdo-hairdo I have there XD Dad was like :" Wow~ You look different today =.=" hahahaha who cares? I thought I'm weird everyday??? :p

Love Bel's new shoe.... NAISSSSSS :) It looks like Birkenstock but it's BARCO. Super comfy... And it fits so well with my outfit today... The shoe is loveeeee <3

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Oh no It's raining.... RUN~
I know I look very weird and I'm very ugly in this photo.. but I love it.. It's natural...:)
*ps Poco is still wandering around.. XD

Okay obviously she is not suitable for flat.. Looks kinda weird.. :D

Ana ana... Showing off her new buy. Love the shirt too.. It brighten up her very-dull-wardrobe. :)

My life is a mess recently, woke up late (yea, I'm always late to work) & sleep very late almost everyday. All I do at home is to munch all the junk food I top up every 2 days and watching all the old movies in my lappie.

I couldn't wait for my latin costume to arrive from China.. I don't expect too much but all I hope is it doesn't have too much problems when it arrives... *pray pray pray*

Oh ya, I just received the letter from my company and have sent my evaluation form to my principal, now all I could do is to pray hard for my results :)

I ruined my header :( *sobs.. Can anyone teach me how to align it back to center? I tried everything I knew but I couldn't fix it :(

*I will try my best, I promise.. I will not give up.. I will go through all the obstacles and work hard for it... Victory here I come :)

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