Thursday, July 1, 2010

Had a nice day :)

Worked half day again :p Have to fetch Bel.. What to do...kekekeke XD I'm her private chauffeur *wink*.

Went to Pyramid to meet Chie. Wanted to watch movie but most of the movie only left with front seats :( So we ended up slacking around the mall and ended up at Snowflakes in SJ.

It was fun. I promise I'll try to schedule a weekend for Genting.. :p Have to check with my secretary. ngiek ngiek.

Anyway, my old buddy, Byron went up to Genting and told me that there is no more seahorses :( I missed it !!!! arghhhh~~~ Anyway, that is very sweet of you to check it out for me and also remember that I wanted that seahorse so desperately.. THANKS :D

It's been a long time since we last hanging out. Though it's just a simple dinner and crapping around. It lighten up my day :) Thanks..

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