Sunday, July 4, 2010

Becoming "lum ahhh chan"

Hello peeps :)
How do you like my roundish nerdy specs?.. hahahaha.. Weird? Ya, I am :p
I actually wanted to tie 2 ponytails at both side but I figured out people will think that I'm a freak so haha I better stay with this. XD
Finally got my new costume fixed today. Still need to do a slight adjustment and I'm done :)

I actually went Google-ing while I was waiting for dinner earlier. Checking out the streets around my university and I noticed that they practically have nothing over there.. Not a single shopping complex... FML! I did check out the school societies but none of them attracted me... Kill me =.=

My University is a city campus. So uhm, I won't have large green field where you always see from stock photos with students sitting under the trees and read their books.. :( I also won't have very gorgeously huge lobby nor any campus life... ishhhhh :( Madly sad T_T

I really hope to continue my latin dance after I go to UK. I wouldn't want to waste all the times I've spent on practicing and classes. I love dancing and they really could bring me to a state of mind where I feel peace, stress-less and really really happy :D

Oh ya, I was thinking of getting a camera.. teeeeeheeee~
Yea I knew I just got my Diana F+, but I still need a normal camera.. I don't demand a DSLR.
But I was thinking either Lumix GF1? Lumix LX3? Ricoh Caplio GX200?? haha I'm not a fan of any Sony or Canon camera.. So uhm do let me know if you have any suggestions.. Appreciates them <3 style="text-align: center;">
Aren't they adorable???
How I wish I could own this Fluffy-Puffy-Bunny-Bum Bum :D
hahahaha.. But only when they are babies :)
Unless they are miniature or dwarfs.. :p


幸福醒了 said...

lumix lx-3, i like, hehe =)

Reanne said...

Hahaha, It's you :p
Okay, I'll consider about it...
Thanksssss :)

Reanne said...

Hahahhaha, it you. :p
I'll consider about it then :)
thanks <3

Kin Kiat. Tan said...


Reanne said...

haha i wish I could own them too. they are way toooo cute :p