Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freddy VS Reanne

My face actually looks like this a few hours ago... GROSSSSSSSSS !!!
I have no idea what happened.. Apparently, its more like a few hundreds of mosquito bites... :(
Some said it was allergy, some said it was " fong mok" . No idea what is that.. but luckily it went down after a few hours.. XD
Thanks for all those advise.. ahhaha
I was so freaked out when I saw myself in the mirror... @..@"
Thank god they left no scars... damn scary~

Time to sleep.. gd nights... *hugs*


Annie said...

Aww, wow, I'm so sorry, I pray you feel 100% better...and soon!


Reanne said...

Thanks Annie.. <3 That is sooo sweet of you..
Sigh, I have no idea why so many things happened to me recently.. :(
But thanks a lot, Appreciate them :D

Reanne said...

Thanks Annie :) That is sooo sweet of you..
Sigh, I am just way too bad luck these few months.. hope everything will be fine in this July..
Thanks a lot.. Appreciate a lot.. <3