Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Bee Hunter

We were happily watching TV in the living room and all a sudden, my lovely maid came to close all the windows and doors. She was wearing soooo many layers of clothes and all of them were long sleeves.. We were like :" Huh? What happened? Fever?". She then told us that there was a huge bee hive at the back yard.

Of course both of us went to busybody. I took my scarfs and wrapped myself like a dumpling so I can watch the "show" without worrying about the bee sting. :p Of course, I just stood there and watch the show while Bel and Maria were risking themselves with the bees.. XD

After both of them finished protecting themselves with lots of clothes and cloths, here come the battle.. XD
Bel took down the bee hive with a stick while Maria was spraying "Shieldtox - For cockroaches".=.=" I had no idea why they use Shieldtox. But apparently, it works. Bees were flying here and there. And Maria kept spraying Shieldtox here and there. Bel was shouting and jumping and do whatever she could think of the make sure the bee stayed away from her. I'm not sure if we should stood still or do whatever to get rid of them. But all I know was I am already standing behind the window looking at them.. hahaha.. Useless me. =x

Taaaadaaaaaaaaa.. The Tan's 100% pure honey.... Anyone interested? Only produce twice a year. This is the average amount of bee hives we have per year.. XD


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