Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Memories That Speak

My life is in a mess when I have lots of holidays but nothing for me to be attached. This is how I pass my days recently.

wake up early in the morning -- fetch Bel to school -- come back home and continue sleeping -- wake up around 1pm to fetch Bel -- come back and continue sleeping.. AGAIN !! -- wake up for dinner and go for dance practice -- come back around 12am -- SLEEP =.= What a day :p

Today, when I was arranging my cabinet, I found some old albums. So I scanned them into my PC. Flipping through all those photos, they made me recalled back all the good and bad memories I had when I was younger and some memories that I could barely remember.. :p

Something to share :) Have fun ..

haha, Halloween :p
I was at US that time.. Didn't know I was so coward.. Who knows?
Now I'm in love with all the terror, horror and thrilling movie :3

Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?
This is definitely a classic one.. Always love this :)

Ahhhh, one of my fagvorite photo.. :p
See if you can spot the middle finger that I'm pointing with my kung fu pose.

Taaaadaaa ~ They were gone now, but I was there :)

haha, lovely garbage bag :p it's Halloween.

See if you could remember them :p
It's Bel and my god-brother kasper :)

It's the King and the princess :)
Errrr 7 year old birthday ? Count the candles :p

<3 this.. by adding a fire torch and book i think I will look more alike..

Recharging my power....

hahahahahhahahahha.. I should take one of their recent photos and post it here..
Obviously the very "IN" one is my dad.. lmao

omg, already think of killing myself at that age..

My beloved queen :)
See how gorgeous she was..
Love her style, maybe I should get some similar outfits and take a photo, see if we both look alike :p

Have a great day ahead.
I'm so sleepy, gotta get back to bed again .. :D


幸福醒了 said...

weii, feel so lovely and adorable of you from all those pictures!! and ur captions.. =) keep all those memories in your heart, it's forever for you and only for you =) i like this post.. =)

Reanne said...

Thanks :)
They are very important things in my life. They keep the memories that I barely remember.. haha...
And these memories are things I would never want to forget :D